8 Years of Transforming Veterans into Software Engineers

On February 1, 2024, Code Platoon celebrated its eighth anniversary, marking a milestone in its journey of empowering Veterans, military spouses, and active duty Servicemembers with the skills for successful careers in technology. The organization has made remarkable strides, graduating over 600 individuals who have seamlessly transitioned into roles such as software and DevOps engineering across more than 25 states and the District of Columbia.

Founded by Rod Levy, Code Platoon was established to address the tech industry’s acute need for skilled developers and facilitate Veterans’ entry into this dynamic field. The organization’s unique approach goes beyond imparting technical knowledge; it focuses on holistic development, ensuring that graduates are not just proficient in coding but are also equipped with the soft skills and professional acumen needed to thrive in the tech ecosystem.

Code Platoon’s curriculum is meticulously designed to cover both technical skills and professional development. This comprehensive approach ensures that graduates are not only tech-savvy but also possess the networking and professional skills necessary to navigate the tech industry successfully. As part of the eighth anniversary, Code Platoon announced the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its curriculum to complement the foundational software engineering skills taught.

The impact of Code Platoon extends far beyond individual success stories. By equipping Veterans and military spouses with the tools for tech careers, the organization is not only filling the skills gap in the industry but also fostering a more diverse and inclusive workforce. This diversity enriches the tech landscape with a variety of perspectives and innovative solutions, making Code Platoon’s mission critical not just for its direct beneficiaries but for the industry at large.

As Code Platoon celebrates eight years of work, the organization’s mission is more relevant than ever. In a world where tech drives progress, Code Platoon ensures that those who’ve served their country have a stake in shaping its future. The continued success of its graduates is not just a testament to the program’s effectiveness but also a call to action for the tech industry to invest in the untapped potential of Veterans and military spouses.

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