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Code Platoon devotion to the veteran community is unprecedented. The lead instructor, Jon, is uniquely qualified to get veterans into the tech community. He cares about the students and is a real fan of the technologies he teaches.
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Raul V., Bravo Platoon Graduate, U.S. Navy

Software Engineer, Trustwave

In the 14 weeks of study, I acquired a greater depth of knowledge in Software Development than I could have attained in over a year of studying on my own. The quality of instruction and depth of understanding gained in each area is unparalleled.
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Conlin M., Bravo Platoon Graduate, U.S. Marines

Software Engineer, Raise

If you are a Veteran and are looking at Developer Bootcamps, Code Platoon is the best choice by far. I went from an under employed Veteran with no idea what I was going to do to a software engineer at an awesome company, in less than a year. Full review

John C., Bravo Platoon Graduate, U.S. Marines

Software Engineer, Chicago Trading Company

Take all of that and add a generous tuition-assistance program coupled with companies willing to grant internship slots to new graduates, and you have a package that is unmatched by any other boot camp.
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Javier R., Alpha Platoon Graduate, U.S. Air Force

Software Engineer, Power Reviews

Median Salary in Dollars: Software Developers (BLS, 2017)


Unemployment Rate: Veterans, 25-34yr (BLS, 2018)


Unemployment Rate: Non-Veterans, 25-34yr (BLS, 2018)

Number of Jobs: Software Developers (BLS, 2016)


Tuition Savings


Job Placement

  • Army
  • Air Force
  • Marines
  • Navy

Student Representation


Generous scholarships and GI Bill acceptance lower tuition cost by 80% to 100% of the average code bootcamp cost.


A strong network provides internship and full-time opportunities with placement rates comparable to top schools.


Diverse military experience from a close-knit student-body with a personal support system and culture of camaraderie.

To better serve the veteran community, Code Platoon is accepting military spouses into the full-time program.

Code Platoon Week Two – Teamwork and test driven development

By their second week at Code Platoon, students are tackling test driven development and open source libraries while further developing teamwork on the first of several group projects.

The Best Paying and Most In Demand Programming Languages in 2018

At Code Platoon, we track national demand for programming languages so that our veterans and military spouses are trained with the best tools for a career in software development. When you’re deciding which programming language to learn, the following...

Code Platoon now training students in Python

At Code Platoon, our goal is to serve veterans and military spouses by helping them get a high-demand, achievable career in a short amount of time. In the modern job marketplace, software coding is that high demand position, and the coding boot camp format...

Code Platoon now welcomes military spouse applicants to its coding boot camps

Code Platoon is proud to announce that we are accepting applications from military spouses for our coding boot camps, effective immediately!

Code Platoon Week One – Getting the right tools and building a foundation

At Code Platoon, students do more than just learn about coding; we set them up from the very first week with practical steps for real workplace success. Sometimes this means going through real-life processes like tool preparation or developing work ethic and teamwork.

AMVETS Radio Interview with Rod Levy

On today’s AVP, we discuss the VA Mission Act signing, AMVETS Radio, AMVETS’ upcoming national convention, and a post in North Carolina that established a scholarship targeting our women veterans. We also cut to an interview we did with Rod Levy, CEO/founder of Code Platoon, a 14 week program training veterans in coding and computer software.

Code Platoon Founder shares how coding bootcamps can launch Veterans’ second careers

While a formal education can pave the path to a good career, sometimes higher ed focuses more on theory than practice. After graduation, students might still have to learn skills on the job. Rod says Code Platoon focuses on career services, to help place veterans in the workforce with skills they can use right away.

From Service to STEM – Why Veterans are Perfect for Today’s Tech Industry

Think about the first time you completed a training exercise with your unit -- what did you experience? Most likely you had to work through a timed challenge or event; something difficult requiring teamwork, discipline, adaptability, and attention to detail. These are...

Boot Camp Diaries: The Start of a New Code Platoon Cohort

On April 30, Code Platoon welcomed 11 new students to our Foxtrot cohort. Our first day of class resembles any first day of school, with the requisite school supplies laid out neatly on the desk and bundles of nervous energy among our students. Polite conversation...

Volunteer Story: Manager finds fulfillment in transformative role at Code Platoon

Snapper Ploen is a Digital Marketing Manager at MCG who served on the design, content and advertising teams at Code Platoon.  The following is a reproduction of his original blog post which is posted here:...

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