Code Platoon Enhances Veteran and Military Spouse Education with AI Curriculum Integration

Code Platoon, a pioneering coding bootcamp exclusively for Veterans and military spouses, today announced a significant enhancement to its educational offerings: the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into its curriculum. This initiative aligns with Code Platoon’s mission of providing technology education specifically tailored to the unique experiences and capabilities of Veterans and military spouses entering the tech workforce.

AI Integration: A Boost to Veteran and Spouse Skill Sets

Code Platoon believes that AI tools enhance, not replace, the essential skills of software engineers. Training in those essential skills remains the foundation of the Code Platoon program. The integration of AI will add training on prompt engineering and the judicious use of AI tools in a way that balances efficiency with a strong understanding of fundamentals.

Code Platoon’s current Full-stack Software Engineering cohort, Whiskey Platoon, is the first to experience the updated curriculum. Other cohorts and programs will follow, incorporating the AI curriculum at the start of each new cohort throughout 2024.

AI tools will be introduced at key points in the curriculum, with guardrails for novice programmers to prevent over-reliance. Leveraging our culture of rich student feedback, we’ll regularly assess and evolve our AI curriculum, staying aligned with industry changes.

The updated curriculum is designed not only to equip students with cutting-edge tech skills but also to complement and enhance the distinct qualities that Veterans and military spouses bring to the tech industry.

Statements from Leadership

Rod Levy, Executive Director and Founder of Code Platoon, emphasized the program’s unique focus: “We recognize the dynamic and transformative power of AI in the tech world. Integrating AI into our software engineering curriculum is a strategic step to ensure our students are uniquely positioned to meet the demands of the tech industry, leveraging their distinctive backgrounds and the advanced skills they acquire here at Code Platoon.”

Adam Cahan, Program Director at Code Platoon, highlighted the impact: “AI is not just a tool but an important aspect of modern software engineering that our students must master. AI will be woven throughout our curriculum, ensuring every student grasps its importance alongside core software engineering skills. This will enable our graduates to stand out in the tech field.”

Enhancing Our Nonprofit Mission

This AI integration is a significant milestone in Code Platoon’s commitment to:

  • Inclusive Education: Our immersive, hands-on approach is designed for individuals with diverse backgrounds, especially those with no prior tech experience.
  • Financial Accessibility: We continue to break down barriers with scholarships, ensuring our education is accessible to all Veterans and military spouses.
  • Career Support: Strong industry partnerships facilitate paid apprenticeships and job placement, easing the transition into tech careers.

The Bigger Picture: Impact on Veterans and Spouses

With AI becoming increasingly important in the tech industry, Code Platoon’s initiative ensures that Veterans and military spouses are not only well-prepared for tech careers but also equipped to thrive and lead in them. This approach also contributes significantly to diversifying the tech industry, showcasing the immense value and potential of those who have served our nation.

About Code Platoon

Code Platoon is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that transforms Veterans, active duty Servicemembers, and military spouses into professional software engineers through an immersive, hands-on educational process and paid apprenticeship program. We recognize the unique and diversified skill sets and experience Veterans bring to the tech industry and provide the hard and soft skills for these individuals to transition to careers in tech. 

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