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Code Platoon Week Eleven and Twelve – React

The latest and greatest front-end framework that the industry seems to agree on is ReactJS, created by Facebook. This framework is extremely fast and makes the user experience very rich. React Components React is a front-end framework based on the idea of components. Components are reusable pieces of code that programmers can nest together in […]

Code Platoon Week Ten – Personal Projects

Our aim at Code Platoon is to have students graduate with the tools they need to get a junior role in software development. An important landmark on our road toward that goal is the personal project. We recognize that classroom instruction and curated challenges can teach a lot, but there are still lessons that can […]

Code Platoon Week Six – Adding Behavior and Creating a Personal Website

Continuing with our front-end curriculum from last week, we’ll dig into running JavaScript in the browser. Adding Behavior and Creating a Personal Website using JavaScript allows developers to add behavior to their websites: slideshows, more advanced animation, and reacting to user events like moving the mouse or entering text. JavaScript and the Browser The Document […]

Golf Platoon celebrates graduation

Code Platoon is excited to congratulate the graduates of Golf Platoon, our seventh class of students. We held our graduation ceremony on December 7, 2018 at 2:30 PM CST at the Motorola Solutions office in Chicago, Illinois. Eight students graduated, six of whom received tuition scholarships in order to attend our program. These graduates will […]

Sponsors and donors make Celebrate Code Platoon 2018 a success

With over 150 friends of Code Platoon in attendance, we celebrated our first three years of serving veterans and helping them find careers as software development professionals. We held Celebrate Code Platoon 2018 on November 16 from 5:30-8:00pm in Chicago. The Illinois Technology Association and Tech Nexus, graciously hosted everyone and provided a unique space for […]

Code Platoon Awarded Boeing Grant to Support Veterans and Their Families

CHICAGO, November 19, 2018 – Code Platoon, a Chicago-based nonprofit that transforms veterans and military spouses into professional software developers through an immersive, educational bootcamp, mentorship, and internship program, announced today that it has received a grant for $50,000 USD from The Boeing Company. Because of this generous investment, Code Platoon will expand its program […]