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Code Platoon’s Intro to Coding Ranked as Most Affordable Option for Beginners

Code Platoon provides an affordable education option for Veterans and military spouses interested in software engineering careers. There are many variables to consider when choosing a Software Engineering program, including time, cost, and type of study. That’s why we offer Full-time, Evening and Weekend, and Self-paced learning programs. Our free online, self-paced Intro to Coding […]

Painting with a New Brush
Transitioning Careers: Julius Bautista

Servicemembers are notorious for their adaptability. Being flexible to stressful circumstances and wearing multiple hats for a particular career field is not just expected but necessary to serve in every MOS, AFSC, or NEC. With that said, however, it can still be daunting to shift gears from one industry to the next, but some challenges […]

Breaking Barriers: From Army Band to Programming

Some career transitions make more of a logical evolution than others. Going from a dietician to a registered nurse has its obvious connections, or moving from working on oil rigs to installing solar panels. It’s pretty apparent to most employers that military members hold a slew of transferable skills that can make them stand out […]

Code Platoon Focuses on helping Military Spouses

Military spouses face many of the same struggles that Servicemembers and Veterans endure when transitioning from military service to civilian careers. However, the main difference is that for many spouses, the problems faced have lasted throughout their time tied to the military lifestyle. One of the significant issues for military spouses is finding steady and […]

Black and Hispanic Scholarship

Over the last few years, the conversation of equity has become front and center for many institutions, Code Platoon included. As a Coding Bootcamp tailored to serve Veterans and military spouses, Code Platoon attracts people from all walks of life. It is dedicated to providing a unique programming education with viable financial options to bring […]

Code Platoon Receives Grant from Boeing

CHICAGO, November 25, 2020 – Code Platoon, a Chicago-based nonprofit that transforms Veterans and military spouses into professional software developers through an immersive coding Bootcamp, has received a $50,000 grant from The Boeing Company. Because of this generous investment, Code Platoon will continue to serve Veterans and military spouses in their pursuit of obtaining skilled […]

Crain’s Notable Veteran Executives

Crain’s Chicago Business has recognized three members of Code Platoon’s Executive Board as Notable Veteran Executives for 2020. Edward Donovan, Iggy Khan, and Dan Reilly, who all serve on Code Platoon’s Board, were honored in the November 9th print edition of Crain’s Chicago Business, as well as online at ChicagoBusiness.com. The three executives were recognized […]

Linguists Make Great Programmers

When most people think of a linguist, a few careers may pop up. Translators are an obvious connection, and being an educator in a foreign country may also be a viable option, but what about programming? When it comes to Code Platoon’s alumni, some of the most successful Coding Bootcamp graduates served as linguists within […]

Hacktober 2020 Recap

The programs are down, and the party is over, but the work that the hackathon participants put in has only just begun. Code Platoon hosted its first-ever hackathon on the weekend of Oct. 16-18, six dedicated teams of programmers came together to compete for and help our friends at Illinois Joining Forces (IJF). This nonprofit […]