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Code Platoon’s Intro to Coding Ranked as Most Affordable Option for Beginners

Code Platoon provides an affordable education option for Veterans and military spouses interested in software engineering careers. There are many variables to consider when choosing a Software Engineering program, including time, cost, and type of study. That’s why we offer Full-time, Evening and Weekend, and Self-paced learning programs.

Our free online, self-paced Intro to Coding program was recognized recently by Intelligent, an independent education resource provider, as one of the Best Online Coding Bootcamps for 2021. The program was ranked as the most affordable option for beginner coders.

“We are honored to be recognized as one of the top choices for Intelligent’s Online Coding Bootcamps,” said Rod Levy, Code Platoon’s Founder and Executive Director. “While our target student base is those who have served in the military or are married into it, our Intro to Coding course is available to anyone, regardless of any affiliation with the military or not.”

Intro to Coding is an 11 session course that includes seven hours of on-demand videos and more than 120 coding challenges to kick-start someone’s coding learning. Participants of Intro to Coding will walk away with the fundamentals of JavaScript, an in-demand and well-paying coding language to learn. Many of the participants who complete Intro to Coding attend additional coding Bootcamp programs and pursue careers in software engineering.

In their ranking, Intelligent recommended Intro to Coding by saying,  “If you’re particularly busy, then it might be difficult to even keep up with the fixed schedule of a part-time coding Bootcamp. Code Platoon’s self-directed program allows you to complete your coursework whenever you find the time. With a cost of $0, it’s an excellent choice for aspiring coders who are concerned about their budget as well.

Amanda Michelle Gordon is Code Platoon’s Content Marketing Coordinator. She is a U.S. Air Force Veteran and a graduate of SUNY New Paltz for Journalism and Sociology. In her free time, Amanda enjoys reading, the outdoors, and turning coffee into copy. You can find Amanda on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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