VET TEC frequently asked questions

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is now offering a program that will pay for veterans to get training in technology jobs without consuming their GI Bill® benefits. This program is called Veteran Employment Through Technology Education Courses (VET TEC.)

What is the VET TEC program?

VET TEC is a government program to fund veteran job training in the technology field.

It’s an alternative to the Post-9/11 GI Bill, with a focus to get veterans into flexible, in-demand, high-paying careers in things like software coding and information security.

The Post-9/11 GI Bill program for veterans is intended to grant enough benefits to finish a traditional college degree, or any program shorter than that. While the expectation is that the GI Bill education and retraining would be used to start a new career, the VA believes VET TEC might be a better path to that end for some veterans.

VET TEC is made to focus specifically on the result: whether or not the veteran gets a good job doing the thing for which they trained.

There’s a mutual benefit for both the veteran and the VA. The VA, on one hand, can better serve its mission of helping veterans build a successful post-service career. Veterans, on the other hand, can get vocational tech training even if they don’t have enough GI Bill benefits left, or want to try the training without sacrificing future education options.

How is the VET TEC program different from the GI Bill?

There are several main differences between the GI Bill and the VET TEC program:

  1. Using the GI Bill subtracts from your remaining benefits and VET TEC does not.
  2. VET TEC only provides training in concentrated technology boot camps and trade schools. The GI Bill can be used for traditional college degrees as well.
  3. Eligibility for the two programs differ. For example, active duty service members, Transfer of Entitlement [TOE] spouses, and some others, are not eligible for VET TEC.
  4. The VET TEC program has limited funding, up to $15 million per federal fiscal year.
  5. A veteran must be a full-time student in order to be eligible for and continue in a program approved to receive reimbursement through VET TEC.
  6. A student veteran must graduate and secure meaningful employment (as defined by the VA) in order to initiate full tuition and fee reimbursement to the training provider.

Other than that, their functions are very similar. Specifically:

  • You still receive a form of housing allowance (MHA) while training with VET TEC.
  • You can still use your GI Bill benefits after graduating from a VET TEC program if you choose.

How do I know if VET TEC is a good option for me?

A few simple questions will get you on the right track.

  1. Are you a military veteran?
  2. Are you eligible for the GI Bill?
  3. Do you still have any GI Bill benefits time remaining? (Even one day is enough!)
  4. Are you seeking a new career?
  5. Are you interested in working in technology?
  6. Are you willing and able to do what it takes to get the education and employment?

Answering “yes” to all of these questions means that the VET TEC program can certainly work for you. Once you’ve decided that VET TEC is a better option than your alternatives, the only real barrier is getting accepted into a VET TEC approved program you’d like to attend.

This is great for veterans who have already used most of their GI Bill benefits with traditional college but haven’t gotten a career from it.

Can I use VET TEC to attend Code Platoon?

Yes, Code Platoon is listed as a VET TEC training provider and the VET TEC option is offered with every one of our training cycles.

The Code Platoon training you’ll receive through VET TEC is the same experience you’d get when attending via GI Bill, scholarship, or self-funding. You’ll be in the same classrooms learning the same things with the rest of our students; the only difference is how the VA pays for your attendance.

To join the Code Platoon program, apply here.

Within the application, please note your interest in VET TEC.

You can also learn more about attending VET TEC in our remote program by clicking here.

What do I do on the VA side to secure my VET TEC benefits?

Click here and apply to the VET TEC program with the VA.

Since Code Platoon can actually help you navigate the VET TEC system, and you’ll eventually be required to name a place of training, it’s best to start the Code Platoon application right away.

If I’m a veteran with less than 100% eligibility on GI Bill benefits, can I still apply and receive full VET TEC benefits?

You sure can! If you’re eligible, VET TEC pays at the 100% rate for both tuition and housing even if you wouldn’t receive 100% with other GI Bill programs.

If I apply for VET TEC benefits and use them, how will that affect my current GI Bill benefits that I have not used yet?

You will keep every last GI Bill benefit you currently have even if you use VET TEC. The VA does not take away or subtract from any of your GI Bill entitlement because of VET TEC.

If I already work in the tech industry at an entry-level position, am I allowed to use VET TEC to further my tech education faster than self learning or college education?

Yep, absolutely. If you are eligible for VET TEC and you are able to get into a program with an approved provider, then you’re allowed to use a VET TEC training institution to help you advance your career. The VA does not exclude participants who are already in their target industry.

For which programs is Code Platoon listed as a VET TEC training provider with the VA?

Our Live Remote and In-Person programs are both listed as options where Code Platoon is a training provider with VET TEC on the VA website.

If I attend the Code Platoon Live Remote Program using VET TEC, what does a ‘normal’ day in this program look like?

Class times usually go from 9:00 AM CST to 5:00 PM CST, Monday through Friday. Students often work after class until around 7:00 PM to complete the assignments for the day, and also study on weekends at their own pace. You’ll work alongside the same instructors and classmates daily, even in the remote program!

Is there a part-time option for VET TEC and Code Platoon?

No. Our Self-Paced Program can be done any time you want, which includes part time, but it is not a VET TEC program. 

Is it feasible to work a job while in a full-time Code Platoon program through VET TEC?

Our full-time classes (Live Remote and In Person) are very demanding, making it unrealistic for you to do other work or school during the 14-week session.

What is the difference between the Self-Paced Program and the Live Remote Program?

The Self-Paced Program contains our current curriculum and corresponding videos. It is free to any veteran or military spouse. There are no grades, no certificates, no career services, no live instruction, and no instructional support. It’s just our entire program, free to use. You cannot use VET TEC with our Self-Paced Program in order to collect BAH while training.

The Live Remote program is attached to the In-Person Program. While our instructor lectures and demonstrates, classes are streamed live to our remote students every day. Remote students complete classwork and homework on the same timeline as the students who are in the physical classroom. Students in our Live Remote Program can collect BAH while attending through VET TEC.

The Live Remote Program is a full-time 14-week program requiring 10 to 12 hour from students every weekday. It includes live support, career services, and assistance with job placement. The full cost of tuition is covered in the VET TEC program. We also offer full remote scholarships for students without VET TEC benefits.

What are the differences between those who are listed as VET TEC training providers?

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