Why veterans are great in tech


The intersection between veterans and tech has been scrutinized in the past few years by important individuals like President Obama as well as important companies like Microsoft. Society is finally beginning to realize that veterans are ideal employees in the tech industry. Not only are veterans readily available, since they are a frequently untapped talent pool with a sadly high unemployment rate of 9.1% just late last year (20-35yr veterans, IVMF Sept. 2015), but also they possess the crucial skills that employers in tech want.



One of the best skills that the military develops in all of its soldiers is discipline. During their tough years in the military, soldiers are forced to live very regimented lives that follow strict rules at all times. As pop culture and reality shows us, these rules are not always easy to follow (cough: 5am wake up time). Orders must be followed at all times, respect maintained, MREs eaten, and all without complaint or hesitation. True military discipline is an asset to any employee, and especially one working in the tech industry, which is known for being highly dynamic and fast-paced. Discipline is what gets you to work on time, all the time. Discipline is what forces you to tackle everything on the to-do list, without slacking. Discipline is what veterans have, and what every tech company needs in its employees to be successful.


Attention to Detail

Close attention to detail is another skill that is cultivated by military service. During deployments to dangerous countries where bombs and ambushes could be hidden at every turn, paying close attention to detail is key. As an air force engineer, any mistake you make could cause an aircraft to malfunction, so you always, always pay close attention to the details. Every veteran will be meticulous about their work thanks to the military, and that means they will only ever do and turn in top-notch work. Like this veteran-turned-iOS-developer states, “I learned quite a few things in the military that paid off in later years. The biggest was attention to detail. I worked in positions where a mistake could possibly cause an aircraft to go off course… So we checked and double-checked our work and then checked again, just for fun.” Meticulousness is required in technology, where even the smallest details can be paramount, so make sure your company has great employees who operate with military precision.



Few people outside the military are exposed to as many pressures as soldiers are, and even fewer would persevere through the pressures to accomplish mission objectives like soldiers always do. Veterans are clearly masters of perseverance because the military has taught them to never give up, regardless of how dangerous or unpleasant circumstances are. Since the tech industry is relatively new, it is facing new problems and challenges every day that no one necessarily knows how to solve. This makes perseverance key in any tech employee since most problems will therefore be challenging and difficult and only the truly persevering will manage to overcome frustration and continue giving their all.


Problem Solving

You can’t survive the military without becoming a problem solver. Throughout training, simulations, drills, and any kind of exercise, almost, the military challenges its recruits to be flexible and creative, and to solve problems in all kinds of situations. During deployments and time in hostile countries, soldiers similarly have to devise ways to make up for discrepancies between plan and reality so that the mission can still be fulfilled. If veterans have survived by solving problems and thinking creatively when bombs were raining down on them, they can probably solve most problems that face employees in the tech industry.


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