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What to Expect When You’re Accepted to Coding Bootcamp

So, you’ve identified your preferred program in Part One. You completed the application coding challenges in Part Two and submitted your Coding Bootcamp application. Once accepted, you might wonder what next steps you should take to prepare for your coding journey. 

Here is what you should expect after being admitted to a Code Platoon program:

Complete Pre-work

Imagine attending a school that never assigns readings or homework before class. Classes would need to be longer to accommodate the basics before eventually getting to the main lesson. 

At Code Platoon, we keep our programs short (15-week Immersive and 28-week Evening & Weekend programs) by assigning Pre-work. Pre-work, which occurs between your acceptance and the start of your program, ensures you understand the programming basics needed to succeed in Coding Bootcamp. We’ve found that students who put more effort into mastering the Pre-work fundamentals tend to have an easier time completing their program.

Pre-work is a self-paced program with assigned lessons and coding challenges to complete each week. 

Here is what you’ll cover during our Full-stack Software Engineering Pre-work:

  • Basic JavaScript & React.js
  • Basic HTML, HTML5, & CSS
  • Debugging Code
  • Basic Python & Object-oriented Programming
  • Git & GitHub for Beginners

After four weeks of Pre-work, you will take an assessment to complete your Code Platoon enrollment.

Instructors are available to help you throughout the Pre-work process. They host group check-ins and virtual office hours and answer questions on the Pre-work Slack channel. 

Apply for GI Bill, VET TEC, or Scholarship

Code Platoon’s mission is to help make transitioning to a tech career affordable for all Veterans and military spouses. Our programs are approved to accept VA education benefits, and Code Platoon has scholarships for military coding students.

Once you’ve been accepted to a Code Platoon program, we’ll help you apply for the VA benefit or scholarship that best fits your circumstance:

  • GI Bill®: Veterans attending the Immersive, In-person program can use their Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits for Coding Bootcamp. You can check your GI Bill benefits and apply through the VA.
  • VET TEC: The VA VET TEC program is a popular education benefit for attending Coding Bootcamp. Veterans can use VET TEC to attend any of Code Platoon’s Full-stack Software Engineering programs. To apply for VET TEC, visit the VA’s VET TEC page.
  • VR&E: Veterans with documented service-connected disabilities can attend Code Platoon with Veteran Readiness & Employment (VR&E) benefits. Those interested in attending Code Platoon with VR&E benefits can check VR&E eligibility requirements and apply online on the VA website.
  • Scholarships: Code Platoon offers full and partial scholarships for Veterans, Servicemembers, and military spouses. You can indicate the scholarships you are interested in during Part One of the application. Once you are accepted into the program, you will receive a scholarship application to complete the process.

Secure Command Approval for SkillBridge Program

The DoD SkillBridge program (also known as CSP in the Army) allows active duty Servicemembers to train in job skills before they leave the service. SkillBridge program participants must secure command approval for their training plans.

Code Platoon offers resources for Servicemembers interested in attending Coding Bootcamp. Please visit our SkillBridge program page for a template for command approval and an Introductory Letter for your command.

When you’re accepted to Code Platoon via the SkillBridge program, our enrollment team will provide you with more information about using your VA education benefits or help you apply for Code Platoon’s SkillBridge scholarships.

That’s what to expect after being accepted to Code Platoon. We recommend starting your application today if you’re interested in one of our programs but haven’t applied yet. The sooner you finish your application, the sooner you will be accepted, and the more time you will have to prepare for your coding journey.

You can send questions about Code Platoon’s application or enrollment process to Greg Drobny, Student Outreach and Recruitment Manager, at greg@codeplatoon.org.

Kayla Elkin is the Marketing Content Specialist at Code Platoon. In this role, she utilizes her marketing, writing, and editing skills developed from previous positions in higher education and educational technology. Kayla has degrees in English and Sociology from Clemson University and completed the Study in India Program (SIP) at the University of Hyderabad. She lives with her partner in northern Chicago.

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