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Sabrina King, Code Platoon Advocate Spotlight

Sabrina King, Chief Talent Officer at LEARN Charter School Network, joined Code Platoon as a board member in 2017. She immediately connected with the mission and knew her skills as a strategic HR/OD executive could help Code Platoon build a stable foundation to ensure steady growth. “My uncle was in the military and I have always wanted to give back to this community,” says Sabrina. “Code Platoon has been the perfect opportunity for me to utilize my professional skill set serving a community that is personal for me.”

Sabrina has led small to mid-sized companies, helping fellow employees realize their full potential by:
• Collaborating with senior leaders to align human capital strategies with organizational goals.
• Diagnosing business strengths and weaknesses, for strategic implications.
• Encouraging constructive conflict and confronting difficult issues.
• Guiding stakeholders to see themselves and others more clearly in the context of work, reaching shared values and performance expectations.

At Code Platoon and as a member of the executive board, Sabrina is instrumental in operations, HR, and budget related topics. She is adept at asking the hard questions, encouraging other board members to see things from a different perspective, and ultimately discovering solutions that are in the best interest of the organization. Sabrina’s natural talent to bring people together has strengthened our board and continues to encourage camaraderie among the other members.

Executive Director, Rod Levy, said, “Sabrina provides inspiration and leadership to our Board of Directors through her deep knowledge of operational and HR best practices. We are very fortunate to have her as part of our team and helping grow our organization.”

Sabrina strives each day to live with purpose, engage professionally to help companies and people excel, and always find her joy. Join us in congratulating Sabrina King as our January 2020 Advocate Spotlight!

Sabrina in her own words

I had been in corporate for many, many years. I was doing financial services, transportation services, so I was looking to make a career change for myself, actually a sector change. I wanted to still do human resources, still do career development, leadership development, but I was thinking about doing it for small startup companies. One of my vendors who worked in IT, I told him that and he said, “Oh, I have a cousin who has a IT startup, and why don’t you go talk to him?” I came to talk to Rod about getting into, make some connections for nonprofit small organizations, and he said, “We need somebody on the board. Would you be interested?” My uncle was a vet, and so this is very, very personal for me. So I said yes right away.

The experience is very fulfilling because everybody is contributing all of their gifts however they need to, to make this organization stronger. This particular board is a bunch of people who are very passionate. We laugh a lot. The board meetings are enjoyable. I actually look forward to coming to them.

Some of the things that make us very unique. Number one is that our real focus is on the whole student, and our focus is on making our opportunity available to as many students as we can find who are interested. So I love the fact that we have created a robust remote program. It isn’t for everyone, but it makes a difference because the people who can’t get here have full access to the entire intellectual capital.

The other thing that I think is important is that we try and make it affordable, and that we thought about affordability as something integral to what we do. So the fact that we provide scholarships to whoever needs it so that we make it able for anyone from any economic level to come in matters a lot to me as a person. And it should matter to the organizations because they will have an opportunity potentially to get a vet from a different economic level, a different background that will bring them amazing diversity. So I think that there’s a lot to be said for an employer or a grantor considering Code Platoon.

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