Rome Platoon Final Projects

Romeo Platoon Final Projects

Graduates from our Immersive, Full-stack Software Engineering Bootcamp, Romeo Platoon, spent the last two weeks completing their final group projects. The Romeo graduates formed teams and harnessed their new software engineering skills to develop full-stack web applications. 

Here are their project demonstrations:

Our first group is Fishtories, an app for anglers. Users can log info about their game fish catches and view each others’ catches on an interactive geo-map featuring images, catching methods, and records from the International Game Fish Association.

Check out Fishtories by Daniel Reither, Robert Puentes, Jacob Hill, Nathan Leathers, and Michael Lambert. They are Active Duty Marine Corps, a military spouse, a Marine Corps Veteran, and two Navy Veterans.


The next project is Zesty Tamales, a web app designed to reach an online audience of Latin street food vendors. Those looking to get food from a street food vendor can order through the app and process their payments online through Stripe.

The team behind Zesty Tamales is Chris Volar, an Air Force Reservist; Kevin Bui, an Air Force Veteran and Evan Garcia, an Air Force Veteran.


Gamer’s Haven is the third project in this showcase. Gamer’s Haven offers gaming and anime content for users to explore, discuss with each other via interactive forums, create and respond to polls, and create and join local or online events.

Kaleb Varnes, Dalton Eggleston, Terrance Carter, and Angel Felix–Active Duty Navy and Air Force Servicemembers, a Navy Veteran, and a Marine Corps Veteran, respectively–created Gamer’s Haven.

Jobify is the next project by Romeo graduates. Jobify is a one-stop shop where users can navigate the application and interviewing processes of getting a new job. Users can search for jobs, add them to a personal progress board, and prepare for interviews via open-source forums and other users’ shared interview experiences.

A team of two Marine Corps Veterans, a Coast Guard Veteran, and two Air Force Veterans–Dennis Corral, Facisco Avila, Miah Clay, Luis Manzo, and Rexford Wiafe –developed Jobify.

The fifth project is GAMENIGHT. GAMENIGHT helps users plan public or private game night events and search for public game nights in their area. Users can create private groups, invite friends, or create general game nights that are searchable by location.

Check out the GAMENIGHT demonstration by Michael Heinzinger, an Active Duty Air Force Servicemember; Alisha Burgfeld, an Army Veteran; Megann Herdegen, an Active Duty Navy Servicemember; Kaylee Burch, a Navy Veteran; Daniel Pizarro, an Army spouse; and Craig Bucher, an Air Force Veteran.

Romeo’s Adventure is next up in the showcase. Romeo’s Adventure is an online fantasy role-playing game based very loosely on the team’s experiences in Code Platoon. The game includes an interactive map and story, turn-based dueling with animations, and puzzles about coding to solve.

The team behind this project is Justin Peterson, Meredith Hall, Skyler Scott, Garrett Adams, and Zack Fair. They are two Active Duty Navy Servicemembers, an Army Veteran, an Active Duty Marine Corps Servicemember, and an Active Duty Air Force Servicemember, respectively.


The final project is Paw Platoon. Paw Platoon connects Servicemembers with base access to provide needed pet care during travel and deployments. Paw Platoon also tracks pet sitters’ walk times and locations.

Check out the Paw Platoon presentation by Hunter McReynolds, an Air Force Veteran; John O’Keefe, an Army Veteran and Nathan Marquis, a Marine Corps Veteran.

Congratulations, Romeo Platoon graduates! We’re proud of the accomplishments showcased during this cohort’s final project demonstrations.

The entire graduation and project showcase is available to watch on YouTube.

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