Rich Epsy - Ensnare

Providing Local Networking Resources to Code Platoon Students

One thing that distinguishes Code Platoon’s Bootcamp program from others is the opportunity our in-person students have to be part of a highly-competitive internship program. All of our in-person graduates will compete for coveted internships with some of our major Chicago-area corporate partners. Roughly two-thirds of graduates will be placed in a paid internship.

During the month of March, our Kilo Platoon students had the opportunity to meet and network with technology leaders from two of our internship partners – Ensnare and JP Morgan Chase & Co. to learn about internship opportunities.

Ensnare is an emerging security technology company. The company is a patent-pending, next-generation IoT security solution designed to deliver community safety by capturing the digital fingerprint of assailants and providing essential forensic data leading to the detection, capture, prosecution, and conviction of violent crime perpetrators.

Rich Espy (pictured), co-founder of Ensnare, and several of the company’s developers met with Kilo Platoon at their Near West Side offices. They shared their unique approach to agile development and provided a pre-launch glimpse of the technology they will be deploying. Ensnare will provide one member of Kilo Platoon an internship opportunity at the conclusion of the 14-week class.

In addition to his work at Ensnare, Rich is also a member of the Code Platoon Board and served as an intelligence officer for the United States Marine Corps.

The Platoon also had an afternoon of networking and presentations from the technology team at JP Morgan Chase. The company provides merchant services worldwide and has more than 50,000 technology employees at 18 worksites around the world. Internships for Code Platoon students at JP Morgan Chase can lead to full-time roles as part of the company’s Military Pathways Program for Veterans.

Iggy Kahn- Chase

Iggy Kahn (pictured) a Managing Director in the Chase Merchant Services group led the company’s presentation to Kilo Platoon. He was joined by several technology leaders and developers, including previous Code Platoon graduates currently working at Chase. Iggy is a Veteran U.S. naval flight officer who flew 76 combat missions and earned three air medals. He also serves on the Board of Code Platoon.

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Brenna Koss is Code Platoon’s Development and Operations Coordinator. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Greensboro in Political Science and French. In her free time, Brenna loves to travel and spend time with friends and family. Follow Brenna on LinkedIn.

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