Papa Platoon Final Projects

Papa Platoon Final Projects

We’re showcasing the final group projects from the recently graduated Papa Platoon. During each Code Platoon Full-stack Software Engineering Bootcamp, our students form teams to create a capstone project that showcases the coding, development, and teamwork skills learned in the program.

First up is codeForward  – a micro-networking application for Bootcamp graduates and professionals to network and grow their careers.

Check out codeForward, presented by a team of Papa Platoon graduates, including an Army spouse, an Army Veteran, and two Marine Corps Veterans.


The next project, Secure Aid, is designed to help with the enormous humanitarian need in Afghanistan. Secure Aid aims to connect Afghans in need with aid organizations securely. A team of two Air Force Veterans, a Navy Veteran, and an Army Veteran created Secure Aid.

Wandrr is for travelers who want to dig deeper into the history of the places they visit. The app allows users to reveal the hidden history of sites and identify historic gems with a simple map interface that includes links to articles and user-generated content about the locations.

A team of two Army spouses, a Navy spouse, and a Navy Veteran showcase their coding, engineering, and teamwork skills in their capstone project, Wandrr.

The next group project from Papa Platoon is The Daily Planter. The app team includes Army, Navy, and Air Force Veterans.

The Daily Planter is an app that makes gardening easier. The Daily Planter allows home gardeners to calendar their plantings, track soil test results, and identify pests. It also provides weather information to alert gardeners to frost warnings and other events that may impact their garden.

Chore Store is for families with school-age children to help manage children’s household chores and allowance. Chore Store features a family-friendly interface that appeals to both children and parents.

The Chore Store team includes two Army Veterans, a Navy Veteran, an Air Force Veteran, and an Army spouse.

The final project in our showcase – Food Byte – was developed by five Veterans and highlighted their coding, development, and teamwork skills. 

Food Byte is a web app that allows users to search for the “best steak taco” or other food items in the area. The app provides users with the top ten highest-rated foods, regardless of the restaurant. Users can also post reviews and earn rewards on the app.

Check out Food Byte presented by our Papa Platoon graduates.


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