Mike Platoon Final Projects

Mike Platoon Graduates Showcase their Team Projects

We’re showcasing the final group projects from the recently graduated Mike Platoon. During each Code Platoon Bootcamp, our students form teams to create a capstone project that showcases the coding, development, and teamwork skills learned in the program.

Our first team project from Mike Platoon is Skill-Link. Skill-Link is a career research tool designed to help individuals bridge the gap between their skills and their next career. 

Check out our graduates presenting Skill-Link. 

Next up is Truth or Dare.

Truth or Dare is a multi-purpose web app that emulates the timeless game Truth or Dare with a modern party game twist.

Check out six of our Mike Platoon graduates showcasing their capstone project, Truth or Dare.

The next project is designed for users that want to test their green thumb in a virtual garden and have fun while doing it.

Garden Game was developed by six Mike Platoon members as an online interactive game with a competitive leaderboard and is rated E for everyone.

The final project in our showcase – Travvy – was developed by five Mike Platoon graduates and highlighted their coding, development, and teamwork skills.

Travvy is a budget-friendly travel app that helps users be more travel savvy.

Check out Travvy presented by our Mike Platoon graduates.

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