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Meet Code Platoon’s New Instructor: Ankur Shah

Ankur Shah is the newest instructor to join the Code Platoon team this year, and he is already hard at work training Veterans and military spouses to become software developers. Ankur teaches in our full-time program, where our students experience a 14 week fully immersive, hands-on Coding Bootcamp. As a highly qualified instructor, we are excited to have Ankur as a great asset to the instructional staff.

Ankur received a Bachelor of Science degree in engineering and computer science from the University of Michigan. His studies taught him how to use innovative and critical thinking to become a critical problem-solver – something he hopes to bring to the Code Platoon classroom.

Ankur also brings real-life software engineering experience to Code Platoon. He worked for more than nine years as a software engineer at Wolverine Trading. His hands-on experience in software engineering will help him better equip students to transition from the military to the civilian workplace. He can answer questions about what employers are looking for from new hires, balancing a programmer’s workload, and what is necessary to succeed in a software engineer’s role.

I think software development can seem intimidating and out of reach for many people not already in the industry,” says Ankur. “But I truly believe that software development can and should be accessible to everyone because software is becoming more and more a part of our daily lives, and correspondingly, a greater part of new job opportunities.” 

That level of dedication has led Ankur to become a part of the Code Platoon family. 

“The fact that Code Platoon focuses on Veterans and their families makes it all the more worthwhile,” Ankur says. He truly believes in Code Platoon’s mission and has a passion for helping the Veteran community, and we know that our students will be in good hands with his guidance.

Welcome to the Code Platoon Family Ankur! 

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Brenna Koss is Code Platoon’s Development and Operations Coordinator. She is a graduate of the University of North Carolina Greensboro in Political Science and French. In her free time, Brenna loves to travel and spend time with friends and family. Follow Brenna on LinkedIn.

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