Help Us Win This Year’s Fundraising Challenge and Give for a Good Cause!

We’re excited to announce that we’re competing in the Newman’s Own Foundation $500K Holiday Challenge. From November 21st until January 3rd, we’ll be competing with other elite nonprofits from around the nation to raise money. The organization that raises the most online at the end of the Challenge will win $150K.

Here’s how the rest of the winnings break down:

2nd Place wins $50,000
3rd Place wins $30,000
4th Place wins $25,000
5th Place wins $15,000
6th Place wins $10,000
7th Place wins $7,500
8th Place wins $5,500
9th Place wins $4,500
10th Place wins $2,500

And then, on Giving Tuesday (November 28th), the organization that raises the most online will win $50K. Second place will take $25K, and third place will win $10K. In addition to Grand Prizes, there will also be an additional $115,000 given away through weekly Bonus Challenges.

To find out more about the Newman’s Own Foundation $500K Holiday Challenge and follow the leaderboards, click here:

To help us win first place and ensure that more of our veterans and military spouses launch successful careers as software developers, click here:

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