Mil Spouses in Tech

Full-stack Software Engineering program for military spouses

Code Platoon’s mission is to assist our military Servicemembers and their families as they journey on the career path of programming. That support is extended not only to those who have served but also to those who support our nation’s heroes: their spouses.

Since 2018, Code Platoon’s award-winning Coding Bootcamp has been accepting military spouses into the program. Additionally, there are scholarships for military spouses to help ease the financial burden of learning a new skill set. The benefits of joining the cohorts remain the same as spouses learn right alongside those who have enlisted. 

Students will gain firsthand experience with programming languages Python and Javascript, learn the industry’s best practices through the Beyond Tech courses, and have access to Code Platoon’s ever-growing network of alumni and supporters. That network is a vital part of Code Platoon’s program as it connects graduates of the program into paid internships and other career opportunities.


Software development is a top contender in jobs for military spouses. In addition to its growing demand for certified programmers and software engineers, there are many opportunities to work remotely. Given that military families move ten times more than civilian families, a job that provides remote positions that can be taken anywhere that has an internet connection is a big deal. 

A career in software isn’t just flexible, but  also extremely profitable! The average compensation for software developers in the United States is about $72,000, and many companies that hire tend to include decent benefits. That last detail might not be a huge selling point for those who are married to Servicemembers who look to retire out of the military, but for those who are contemplating transitioning out, it does provide a softer landing pad.

For the most part, however, programming isn’t a career people can just jump into. Some assembly is required. If there is little to no prior experience in the field of programming, Code Platoon is proud to offer a FREE self-paced Intro to Coding course, even if you decide not to continue your education with us. 


Because it’s only 15 weeks long, Code Platoon’s Coding Bootcamp can fit into most military spouse’s challenging schedules. Whether the Servicemember is under the same roof, in a long-term training cycle, or on deployment, a spouse’s education can be completed in a timely fashion. Costs of training with Code Platoon can be significantly reduced for military spouses as well. We accept the G.I. Bill and most of our students are able to receive generous scholarships.

“With the scholarship from Code Platoon, it made the Bootcamp financially feasible, and I’m also learning unique and critical skills that apply to many industries,” said Krysta Pfeifer, a graduate of Code Platoon.

Code Platoon was designed with military members in mind, but our military spouse graduates have been very successful, both in and out of the classroom. There is no difference in the education that is provided to spouses and those who have actively served in a service branch. Military spouses in the training program will receive the same exact training, mentorship, résumé assistance, and other features of the program are all included. And just like all of our prior cohorts, the shared experience of life in the military will continue to bring our students together for a tight-knit community.

If you have questions about educational benefits and how you can use them with Code Platoon, or general inquiries about the program itself, please email Greg Drobny, Student, and Community Outreach Coordinator, at You can also apply here.

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