Driving Innovation in DevOps Engineering Education

Building on the success of its flagship software engineering program, Code Platoon pioneered a new avenue for Veterans, Servicemembers, and spouses to build careers in tech. The organization’s DevOps and Cloud Engineering program signifies a strategic expansion, addressing the growing demand for professionals with cutting-edge DevOps experience by empowering military community members to become leaders in the tech industry. 

“One of the core principles of our DevOps and Cloud Engineering program is adaptability and flexibility. The military experience of our students also hones these qualities,” says Chandra Arya, Code Platoon’s Lead DevOps Instructor. Chandra also played a major role in developing the DevOps curriculum. 

Recognizing that the tech industry is constantly evolving, Code Platoon has an agile approach to its DevOps curriculum. The program is designed to be dynamic, with the flexibility to integrate new tools, methodologies, and best practices as they emerge.

“We constantly interact with industry leaders to maintain the program’s alignment with the latest trends. The experts on the curriculum design team include several Veterans who transitioned to DevOps careers themselves,” Chandra says. “Feedback loops after each cohort and alumni involvement in the instructional team are key strategies to identify ongoing areas for refinement.”

Complementing the teaching of technical tools is the incorporation of problem-solving skills and hands-on assignments. From simulated development environments in the cloud to hands-on assignments, the most important learning objective is empowering students to think through challenges and design their own solutions.

A new facet of the curriculum is the integration of topics in Artificial Intelligence. With AI becoming pivotal in tech, Code Platoon incorporates responsible AI training into the DevOps curriculum. 

“Students are first taught to solve software problems manually. Once they understand the fundamentals, they are trained to leverage AI for repetitive tasks,” Chandra says. “We developed open-ended assignments to foster the exploration of AI solutions. Our focus is on responsible usage and citation of AI contributions.”

The DevOps and Cloud Engineering program at Code Platoon has demonstrated tangible success, with graduates already making strides in the tech workforce. 

“Graduates of the program have unique advantages in the job market, thanks to the program’s comprehensive curriculum and practical focus,” Chandra says. “We provide the tools that, combined with the grit and adaptive thinking skills our graduates developed in the military, ensure they’re well-prepared for DevOps roles.”

Looking to the future, the program’s graduates will evolve with technological advancements. The curriculum will adapt alongside the industry, equipping students with automation, machine learning, and cybersecurity skills.

“The program is poised to shape Veterans entering the tech industry into not just successful DevOps professionals but leaders and innovators in the dynamic tech environments of the future.”

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