Code Platoon Steps Up to Help Veterans and Servicemembers Impacted by VET TEC Funding Exhaustion


Chicago, IL – The recent announcement by the Department of Veteran Affairs regarding the exhaustion of VET TEC program funds for the remainder of the 2023 fiscal year has left many Veterans and Servicemembers who were planning to attend coding bootcamps in a difficult position. However, Code Platoon, a mission-focused, nonprofit coding bootcamp created exclusively for Veterans and active duty Servicemembers, has stepped up to help those impacted by this situation.

With the VET TEC program no longer accepting new enrollments until the US Congress authorizes additional appropriations, Code Platoon is reopening applications for their next Full-stack Software Engineering cohort, Uniform Platoon.

The 15-week, full-time, Full-stack Software Engineering Uniform Platoon is scheduled for June 5 – September 15, 2023. Code Platoon will accept new applications from Veterans who have been accepted to other bootcamps but can’t attend due to the VET TEC funding issue. Applications for Uniform Platoon will be open through May 13, 2023. Accepted applicants will be eligible to apply for a Code Platoon scholarship. They may also be able to use the GI Bill if applying to attend in-person at our Chicago location.

“Our mission at Code Platoon is to help Veterans and Servicemembers transition to careers in tech,” said Rod Levy, Executive Director of Code Platoon. “Our scholarships and the GI Bill are ways to help those impacted by the VET TEC funding issue to continue their timely pursuit of a career in software engineering.”

Code Platoon is committed to advocating for the VET TEC Authorization Act of 2023, nicknamed “Forever VET TEC,” which would make VET TEC a permanent program with increased annual funding. Alicia Boddy, Code Platoon’s Director of Partnerships, recently testified before the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Subcommittee on Economic Opportunity, advocating for this act.

Code Platoon is proud to help Veterans and Servicemembers achieve their career goals in the tech industry. For more information on Code Platoon’s scholarship opportunities and Uniform Platoon cohort, visit their website at


Greg Drobny

Recruitment Manager

Code Platoon

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