Code Platoon Scholarships Bridge the Gap Left by VET TEC

With VET TEC funding nearing exhaustion, Code Platoon, a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting the military to tech transition, is ready to help those impacted through our scholarship program. Scholarships to attend our Full-stack Software Engineering and DevOps and Cloud Engineering programs can bridge the gap left by the exhausted funding of VET TEC.

Established as a five-year test program by the VA, VET TEC successfully equipped over 12,000 Veterans with tech skills highly sought after by employers. However, the program’s remaining funding, initially extended for 2024, is nearing depletion after just 100 days. This will leave many Veterans without the means to access vital tech training.

Code Platoon’s scholarships are funded by the generous support of individual donors, foundations, and corporate partners who share Code Platoon’s mission. These scholarships cover most or all of the cost of the program, ensuring that financial barriers do not hinder Veterans and active duty Servicemembers pursuing careers in Full-stack software development and DevOps and cloud engineering.

“The lack of  VET TEC program funding will create a void in the educational pathways available to our Veterans and active duty Servicemembers to pursue careers as software engineers,” said Rod Levy, Founder and Executive Director of Code Platoon. “It’s our mission to help every Veteran with aspirations in tech access quality education and training.” 

Scholarships are a major component of Code Platoon’s mission to make training for tech careers affordable and accessible. In 2023, we awarded more than $1,125,000 in scholarships to students attending our program.

Interested applicants are encouraged to visit Code Platoon’s website for more information on the scholarship programs and application process. Code Platoon’s commitment extends beyond education, as graduates also benefit from a robust network of industry connections and support in transitioning into the tech workforce.

Contact Information:

Jim Hennessey

(312) 767-7673

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