military spouse applicants to its coding boot camps

Code Platoon now welcomes military spouse applicants to its coding boot camps

The Code Platoon mission is to support US military veterans and service members, and this includes building up and supporting military families as well.

In keeping with that mission, Code Platoon is proud to announce that we are accepting applications from military spouses for our coding boot camps, effective immediately.

Why is coding a good fit for military spouses?

Software development is an excellent career for military spouses because its high demand and remote work options are compatible with the frequent relocations that come with a spouse’s military career. The flexibility and financial benefit can also ease veteran family transitions out of the military after a service member’s commitment has ended.

Because the program is only 14 weeks long, the Code Platoon coding boot camp can potentially fit well into a military spouse’s challenging schedule. Whether the service member in the family is in a long-term training cycle or on deployment, a spouse’s education can be completed in a timely fashion, which may be a better fit than managing a student calendar over the course of many years during a traditional education.

What will the training experience be like for military spouses?

Military spouses in the Code Platoon training program will receive the same exact training as our veterans in the same classrooms with the same level of commitment from our faculty and staff! Spouses who apply are also still eligible for the same Code Platoon scholarships and internship programs as our veteran students, with the exception of the Women in Technology scholarship, which is exclusively for veterans.

Essentially, military spouses will be students in exactly the same way as anyone else at Code Platoon, with no distinguishable difference; mentorships, résumé assistance, and other features of the program are all included. And just like all of our prior cohorts, the shared experience of life in the military will continue to bring our students together for a tight-knit community.

We are excited to offer this new option and grow the impact of our mission. If you or someone you know would like to apply for Code Platoon’s next cohort, please continue to our application!

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