Bravo E&W Final Presentations

Bravo Evening & Weekend Platoon Final Projects

We’re showcasing the final group projects from the recently graduated Bravo Evening and Weekend Platoon. During each Code Platoon Full-stack Software Engineering Bootcamp, our students form teams to create capstone projects that showcase the coding, development, and teamwork skills learned in the program. 

Bravo Evening and Weekend Platoon had 12 students participating in the 28-week program. Evening and Weekend students participate in the program three evenings a week and all day on Saturday. Many of the Evening and Weekend Program students have full-time jobs or other regular commitments that don’t allow them to participate in the full-time program.

Three projects were presented as part of the October 16, 2021, virtual graduation.

Tetris Lite is an updated version of the classic game built by three Army Veterans and a Navy Veteran. The game includes an authentication system, point currency, and award system. The team also added game upgrades that can slow the game or allow you to see ahead, along with user profiles and scoreboards.

Trivia Platoon is a trivia challenge built by two Marine Veterans, an Air Force Veteran, and an Army National Guard Veteran. The game allows users to play solo or against multiple players and features a lobby chat room for “trivia trash talk” among users. The team used React, Javascript, HTML,  and Tailwinds CSS on the Front End. Django, Python, was used on the backend.

Appreciation Notes is an app that allows users to express appreciation for friends, family, coworkers. A team that included a Navy spouse, two Marine Veterans, and an Army Veteran built the app. The app features sentiment analysis, message prompts, and gamification. The team used GitHub Projects for Code Reviews and Automated Testing.

Check out all three videos below.


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