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New tech is here to help but is not without its flaws

Every day, we produce wonderful new technologies to meet the insatiable demands of consumers, whether for enjoyment or out of necessity. In many cases, a new tech product is a marginal redesign of a standard piece of equipment, but in many cases, these small adjustments can help thousands of consumers and workers. Veterans can benefit […]

Cybersecurity ramping up against social media outlets

As a thought leader in the digital space for veterans, we love keeping up with current trends for veteran interests and the technology sector. Let’s look at what’s new for the week of May 6, 2019. Cybercriminals moving to social and mobile devices A new 2019 study, Current State of Cybercrime from RSA Security, finds […]

Big tech firms are going all-in on green

Earth Day is a national holiday that was inaugurated in 1969 at a UNESCO conference held in San Francisco. Every year since, earthlings worldwide have dedicated April 22 as a day for environmental renewal, through local initiatives like planting trees and cleaning parks. While that intention has not changed over the past 50 years, the […]