Army Reserve and Code Platoon

Want to build your civilian-side career while serving in the Army Reserve?

Software coding is one of the fastest-growing and most in-demand jobs available. Plus, it’s compatible with the specific needs of Army Reserve soldiers:

  • Coding jobs are available almost anywhere you move during service.
  • Tech companies are able to adapt to drill and deployment schedules.
  • The schedule and physical demands of coding won’t compromise your Reserve duties.
  • Code Platoon’s program is flexible with drill and deployment schedules for Reserve students.

Code Platoon is a coding boot camp designed specifically for military veterans, including reservists. In 15 weeks, you’ll have the skills you need to begin your coding career.

The Code Platoon program is excellent for Reserve soldiers for several reasons:

  • We are GI-Bill eligible and offer very generous scholarships to Army Reserve applicants
  • The length (15 weeks) and location (Chicago) of our program is accessible to many reservists
  • Most of our graduates are placed directly into paid apprenticeships after the program
  • Our career prep training translates your military experience into a coding career

One of our graduates, Jyn Kim, tells her story about attending Code Platoon as an Army Reserve soldier in the video below.

The first step on your journey to a software programming career while in the Army Reserve is to apply to our program.

While Code Platoon seeks to meet the specific needs of Army Reserve soldiers, our program is open to all branches of military service, as well as Active Duty and National Guard, and all service members’ spouses.

If you’re not ready to apply, but want to learn more, let us know a good email address to reach you by subscribing to our newsletter below.

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