Adding Behavior and Creating a Personal Website

Code Platoon Week Six – Adding Behavior and Creating a Personal Website

Continuing with our front-end curriculum from last week, we’ll dig into running JavaScript in the browser. Adding Behavior and Creating a Personal Website using JavaScript allows developers to add behavior to their websites: slideshows, more advanced animation, and reacting to user events like moving the mouse or entering text.

JavaScript and the Browser

The Document Object Model, more commonly referred to as the DOM is how the browser understands your web page. We’ll break down how the browser constructs the DOM, why it’s so important, and how we can use JavaScript to traverse it. Students will use technologies like AJAX  and JQuery as well as newer ES6 features like fetch to make HTTP requests in the background.

Building a Portfolio Site

At Code Platoon, we work to make sure that when our students graduate have all the tools necessary to enter the job market as junior developers, which is why we put heavy emphasis on projects to build their portfolios. We’ll have several of these opportunities throughout the cohort and the personal site / blog is just the first. Students will spend the end of this week utilizing their new found HTML, CSS, and JavaScript skills to build and deploy their own personal portfolio site where they will be able to showcase projects and accomplishments as well as host their resumes or any other information they want.



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