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5 Reasons Code Platoon’s E&W Bootcamp Might Work For you

Do you want to switch careers into tech, but not sure if you can quit your job and learn to code at a full-time bootcamp? A part-time coding bootcamps might be a great option for you.

Code Platoon’s part-time, Evening and Weekend Bootcamp is 28 weeks in length with classes meeting remotely three nights per week and all day on Saturday. The Evening and Weekend program offers the option of flexible scheduling, which makes it an excellent choice for Veterans and military spouses that are disciplined learners with busy schedules.

Here are five reasons that the Code Platoon Evening and Weekend Program might be right for you.

1.  You don’t have to quit your job

One of the greatest prohibitors to attending a full-time, immersive bootcamp is having to give up your job to attend. For many people, this simply isn’t a viable option – whether they’re taking care of their families or can’t afford to give up a steady income for an extended period of time. Choosing a part-time program allows you to uphold your responsibilities while learning to code.

2. You can attend from anywhere in the world

Code Platoon’s Evening and Weekend program is offered 100% remotely, giving you the freedom to join the program from the comfort of your own home or military base. The program features the same curriculum as our immersive Full-time program — expert instruction, Beyond Tech career preparation, pair programming, and group projects.

3.  There’s a structured learning environment

Many people who attempt to teach themselves coding give up or taper off after just a few weeks. If you learn best in a structured learning environment, but there are no classes near you, an online coding Bootcamp is a great solution. You’ll be able to participate in a live, virtual classroom led by our instructors. The program also includes virtual pair programming and projects wth other course participants.

4.  A program designed for the military community

Code Platoon specializes in training Veterans and military spouses; we don’t train anyone else. You’ll be learning in an environment where you can be comfortable, surrounded by people with shared military experiences and personal objectives. Based on eligibility, Evening and Weekend students may qualify to use VET TEC, VRRAP or VR&E benefits to fund their attendance. Code Platoon also offers a wide range of scholarships to attend the program.

5. Provides new career opportunities

Coding skills are valuable in today’s business environment, and a programming bootcamp can help you get the training you need. The Evening and Weekend program can be an excellent choice for those interested in a new career in software engineering or to add coding experience to their current career.

Code Platoon is consistently ranked among the Best Bootcamps in the country by Switchup.org and Course Report. Take the first step to a new career in tech – apply for the Evening and Weekend Program. The next Evening & Weekend Platoon is scheduled for October 3, 2022 – April 14, 2023. The application deadline is June 26, 2022.

Jim Hennessey is Code Platoon’s Director of Marketing. Jim brings a strong background in non-profit marketing and start-up enterprises to the mission of Code Platoon. Jim is a graduate of Clemson University and currently lives in Chicago. Follow Jim on LinkedIn.

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