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Veterans Find a Road Home

May is Military Mental Health Awareness Month, and Code Platoon is proud to play a part in helping Veterans transition both into new careers and in their adjustment to civilian life. 

According to the National Council for Behavioral Health, 30% of active duty and reserve military personnel deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan have a mental health condition requiring treatment – approximately 730,000 men and women, with many experiencing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and major depression. Additionally, less than 50% of returning Veterans in need receive any mental health treatment, and the Veterans Administration reports that approximately 22 Veterans die by suicide every day.

These startling statistics indicate that many of our warriors come home wounded, if not physically, then mentally. Worse, they are likely not to receive the care that they require.

We all can play a part in changing these statistics. First, reach out to Veterans who suffer in silence or who may be reluctant to seek help. Second, pass along whatever support is available in their community or accessible beyond county lines. 

Code Platoon understands that Veterans face many barriers to care on their path to mental health and wellness and the unique needs of Veterans and incorporates these needs into our network and our training. We do so by partnering with organizations that understand our soldiers, like Road Home to Veterans.

The Road Home Program provides mental health care and wellness to Veterans of all eras, service members, and their families at no cost, regardless of discharge status. Modie Lavine, Program Director at Road Home, presents to every one of our training classes, explaining and offering their services. A cornerstone of the work that Road Home performs is their Intensive Outpatient Program (two weeks, in-person) and their regular Outpatient Program. Clinicians at Road Home deliver high-quality care and support while maintaining COVID-19 safety protocols.

The Outpatient Program consists of weekly therapy sessions for Veterans, Servicemembers, and their families impacted by the invisible wounds of war. Treatment is available both virtually and in person in consultation with a clinician.

Our partnership with Road Home to Veterans is one facet of the network of Veteran Service Organizations that Code Platoon maintains to ensure that our Veterans get the help they need to have the best possible prospects in their life.

To learn more about Road Home to Veterans or to help support their mission, please visit their site found here.

To learn more about Code Platoon as a potential student or donor, please visit our homepage.

Lang Waters is a grant writer working in the Development department. Lang comes from a military family and is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego. He lives in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern California, where he can be found hiking, making music with friends, or enjoying the company of his family and spastic golden retriever.

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