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The Best Advice for Preparing for Coding Bootcamp

We get a lot of questions from beginner coders about how to get ready for Coding Bootcamp. So, we asked four students and alumni for some of their best tips on learning Javascript and preparing for a coding bootcamp application.

Read on to learn how a military spouse, an Active Duty Servicemember, and two Veterans–all with no prior programming experience–prepared for their Coding Bootcamp applications.

Learning Javascript in Ten Days

Alisha Burgfeld, now a Software Developer at Jacobs, discovered Code Platoon only ten days before her cohort’s application deadline. The Army Veteran and Romeo Platoon graduate had no programming experience before starting her coding bootcamp application.

“It was difficult,” Alisha said. “I had to inundate myself with Javascript completely.”

“First, I completed Code Platoon’s self-paced Intro to Coding course. It taught me the basics, but I needed more practice. So, I also did freecodecamp’s Javascript for beginners course.”

“I passed the coding challenges and finished my application before the deadline. But, if I could have started sooner, I definitely would have.”

Practicing Programming Abroad

Zachary Blackburn, a Software Engineer at Affirm, also had no coding experience before attending Code Platoon. He prepared for the application while on Active Duty in Korea.

“I had never written a line of code before applying,” the Papa Platoon graduate and Marine Corps Veteran said. “I went through Intro to Coding to build my basic programming skills. I then practiced solving coding challenges in the free Eloquent Javascript ebook,”

“I still couldn’t wrap my head around some coding concepts. So, I met with a virtual programming tutor in the mornings. I reinforced what we worked through at the end of the day once I returned to my base.”

“When I did apply, I started slowly–chipping away at the coding challenges one at a time until I finished them. It was a hectic learning experience, but it was worth it.”

Dedication over Motivation

Kayla Phillips, a military spouse, used many free online resources to prepare for her full-stack software engineering program.

“I didn’t even know how to build a basic function before applying to Code Platoon,” Kayla said. “Once I knew I wanted to apply to Code Platoon, I dedicated 5-10 hours a day for several weeks to prepare for the coding assessments.

“I started with Intro to Coding and found many supplemental resources to help me apply what I learned. The Odin Project helped me practice and visualize more theoretical coding concepts. Stack Overflow was also useful if I needed a programming element clarified in layperson’s  terms.

“My advice for coding bootcamp applicants would be dedication over motivation. I believe that my internal commitment to becoming a software engineer was what got me accepted to Code Platoon. Dedication has only continued to help now that I’ve started the Sierra Platoon.”

Understanding Basic Building Blocks

Charles Kubiak graduated from Code Platoon’s Full-stack Immersive Bootcamp, Hotel Platoon. After starting his software engineering career at 8th Light, the Marine Corps Veteran has returned to teach Code Platoon’s Intro To Coding LIVE course. 

“Understanding how the basic building blocks of coding fit together is essential,” Charles said. “I figured this out as a coding bootcamp student, and I emphasize it when I teach Intro to Coding LIVE.”

“Knowing syntax is helpful, but it’s easy to look up if you forget. The critical part is learning to identify when and how to use each basic coding concept.”

“I recommend programming beginners practice solving coding challenges after completing Intro to Coding. I supplement the classes I teach with a free online Javascript course for extra practice.”

Many beginner coders feel lost when they start programming. If you need help getting started, you aren’t alone. You can register now for our free, self-paced Intro to Coding course. Code Platoon also offers a virtual, instructor-led Intro to Coding LIVE version. Veterans and military spouses who register for these courses gain access to Code Platoon’s Slack community.

Kayla Elkin is the Marketing Content Specialist at Code Platoon. In this role, she utilizes her marketing, writing, and editing skills developed from previous positions in higher education and educational technology. Kayla has degrees in English and Sociology from Clemson University and completed the Study in India Program (SIP) at the University of Hyderabad. She lives with her partner in northern Chicago.

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