Learn to Code for Free


Online programming classes provide a convenient way to learn new skills, especially for those who cannot make their way to a classroom. However, they do not provide access to an instructor and the benefits of in-class experience. Many of the courses available are also expensive and may not provide practice with real-world problems.

At Code Platoon, we have introduced a new way to retain the advantages of both in-person training and online learning. Moreover, anyone who is admitted as part of this pilot project can attend FREE of charge, with a scholarship covering the entire cost of tuition.

How do we do it?

  • You will participate in the same rigorous classes that are taught live, albeit remotely. This way you can participate in live discussions, ask questions and get responses right away making sure you learn the concepts you need to succeed.
  • You work on the same assignments and team projects.
  • Get questions answered by instructors as your work on your projects and interact with your classmates.

Admission to this program will be more rigorous than to our in-person program, as we will be offering fewer spots to the Remote Attendance Program. Moreover, will give preferential admission to veterans with disabilities.

In addition, Remote Attendance students will not be eligible to participate in the internship program, or at least not with Chicago-based internships.

To learn more about this innovative program, please contact us at info@codeplatoon.org.

Learn to Code


A trusted program to teach you the skills for a new career in software development.

You’ll be challenged and rigorously trained in our immersive program. Taught by professional developers, you’ll spend 6 to 7 days a week and 12 to 14 hours a day in lectures, coding time, and self-study. When you have finished our curriculum, you will have learned enough to launch a career in software development. We focus on holistic training, and part of our curriculum covers soft skills and personal development.

Our curriculum covers everything you will need to know to be a full-stack developer. From programming languages to industry best practices, you will get hands-on experience working with today’s web development tools.

Gain Career Skills


Customized one-on-one career coaching to help you land your next job.

In addition to the coding skills we teach you, we’ll also teach you how to successfully get a job in the software industry. We have a Career Prep Curriculum that helps prepare you to land a job. Industry professionals will help you prepare a public profile, develop a resume and prepare you for technical and non-technical interviews. Each Code Platoon student is also paired with a professional software developer to serve as a mentor to help guide you into your new career. We do everything we can to make sure you are poised for success.

Join Our Community


Our community will help you succeed in your goals.

As a Code Platoon graduate, you’ll be part of our community. You’ll be able to forge professional relationships with our network of veterans and developers, and grow your career potential.

What is the military background of Code Platoon students?

A common misconception is that you need a specific background or education to be a software developer. Our students come from many different MOSs, pay grades, and branches.

Your Code Platoon Journey