Life after Graduation

Preparing for Life After Graduation

Motivation. Strength. Resilience. These character traits are vital to success in a coding Bootcamp. They also provide the foundation for a successful career in software development. As the Career and Partnership Lead for Code Platoon, my goal is to help every student combine their individual character traits with their new technical skill set and find their dream job!

My role is dedicated to one outcome — collaboratively working with our alumni to help them get their first job after Code Platoon. I am a bit biased but that is the coolest part of joining Code Platoon. You get a career coach whose sole function is to identify job opportunities and help you secure them.

Resume building, interest and skill-based job sourcing, interview preparation, networking, and career coaching are important aspects of any career services program. The career placement success of Code Platoon stands out because of our passion for developing a pure connection with each student. The connection is built on consistent engagement and accountability, which are vital to any working relationship.

Our career readiness journey actually begins while you are still in class. We connect with each student weekly to best understand their career goals, strengths, and areas of opportunity. This allows us to develop a customized plan of attack for their upcoming job search, immediately upon graduation. It is my priority to spend time listening, learning, and understanding your goals and expectations, and establishing a respectful and trusting team approach.

Through weekly on-call support including video check-ins, personalized job search assessments, and one-on-one career readiness workshops, Code Platoon is committed to enhancing your candidacy as a software engineer. We are focused on fostering a genuine support system that will always be in your corner, helping you navigate this new career path

Job searches can be hard, especially in a shifting economy. My priority, along with the team at Code Platoon, is to remove that barrier of entry for each of our students. If you have any questions about the career readiness and job placement parts of our program, reach out to me! I’m available at

Rich Luby has more than fourteen years of experience in disability and inclusion training, initiative development, and workforce development for healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. Rich recently leveraged these experiences to build out career development programming for national startups in tech education. He leads with an empathetic nature and attains results through collaborative approaches. Follow Rich on LinkedIn

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