jonathan young portrait

Jonathan Young, Code Platoon Advocate Spotlight

Jonathan Young is Code Platoon’s Director of Education and a Senior Software Engineer at Venmo. He has personally taught nearly every Code Platoon graduate, loves to be a part of “A-Ha!” moments in the classroom, and is dedicated to student success. Jonathan shares how rewarding he finds his work saying, “It’s extremely gratifying to know that some people who were only making $30-40 thousand when the class first started doubled their paycheck within four months because of the skills that they were learning in my classroom.” Prior to Code Platoon, Jonathan taught special education math in Chicago’s Harper High School, which was featured on NPR’s “This American Life”. Jonathan received his BS from Northwestern University and his Master’s degree in Teaching during his fellowship with Teach for America.

Thank you, Jonathan for your leadership and devotion to the Code Platoon mission!


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