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Preparing for a new career field can be an exciting process, but finding the right training program can be daunting. One of the main factors in choosing the right fit is cost. It’s not easy managing a career change while balancing everyday expenses. As a mission-driven nonprofit, Code Platoon’s goal is to provide viable financial options to our Veterans and military spouses, creating one less barrier between our students and their next profession.

In this four-part series, you will learn a bit more about potential funding options and how you can apply them to your training at Code Platoon! In this post, we cover SkillBridge.


In the last 180 days before separation from their service branch, Servicemembers are able to gain valuable skills they can apply to the civilian workforce through apprenticeships, internships, and hands-on training programs. While participating in SkillBridge, Servicemembers are able to continue to collect their military compensation and benefits.

The SkillBridge program, operated through the Department of Defense, is an excellent opportunity to seamlessly assist Servicemembers transition from their military careers and gain a headstart in the civilian sector. It’s programs like this that aid in not only lowering the rates of Veteran unemployment but elevate them into industries that they are historically less likely to be employed in. With an estimated 200,000 Servicemembers separating from the military each year, it’s vital for this population to take advantage of every opportunity afforded to them.

As an approved SkillBridge program, Code Platoon provides transitioning Servicemembers with an opportunity to develop in-demand job programming skills while still serving. Servicemembers who participate via SkillBridge can use their last 180 days of active duty to train in Code Platoon’s Full-time Coding Bootcamp.

Who is eligible: Military Servicemembers within 180 days of separation or retirement.

Benefit received: Skillbridge students are eligible to apply for Code Platoon scholarships, up to $16,000. You may also be eligible to use your GI Bill benefits if you attend in-person at our Chicago classroom.

Why SkillBridge might be a good fit for you: If you are within 180 days of separation or retirement, this is a great opportunity. You will be able to train with Code Platoon, increasing your employability immediately upon graduation.

How to Apply: You must work with your commanding officer to secure approval. We have an MOU with the Navy, which we can provide. We also have an Introductory Letter and Command Authorization form that you can use. Our team is available to provide individualized assistance to Skillbridge students, as we know each commanding officer may require something different.

Any questions? Email Greg, our prospective student outreach coordinator, at

Alicia Boddy is Code Platoon’s Chief Operations and Development Officer. Alicia oversees Code Platoon’s day to day activities including fundraising, grant writing, board development, and strategic planning. Alicia also serves as our VA certifying official, helping students navigate their benefits with the Department of Veteran Affairs. Alicia loves living in Chicago with her husband, Jeff, and three kids. You can often find them exploring the city, eating Lou Malnati’s pizza, and cheering on the Cubs, Blackhawks, and Buckeyes!

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