How Code Platoon Works

The Chicago-based program is exclusively for veterans. The accelerated curriculum is designed to teach the fundamentals of the Ruby full-stack over 20 weeks (6 weeks remote, 14 weeks in-person). After the course work is complete, veterans are eligible for paid internships.

Code boot camps are full-time immersive programs that teach software development skills to beginners with little or no technical background. Course work combines instructional time along with hands-on programming experience. Professional development is supplemented with job counseling, help with interview preparation, and employer matching.

Am I Eligible?

Code Platoon is a full-time immersive program for veterans who want a career as a software engineer. You are eligible if you have served, or are currently serving, in a branch of the Armed Forces.

We will ask for your DD-214, or Statement of Service if you don’t have one.

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Application Process

The multi-step application is time intensive. No previous programming experience is necessary. We encourage all interested veterans to apply. Learn More »

Candidate Selection

We want individuals who are dedicated to completing the program. All steps of the application process must be completed to be considered. Learn More »

Tuition & Funding

Our goal is to make this program affordable for veterans. Scholarships cover roughly 80% of the $13,000 tuition. The out-of-pocket cost is $2,500. Learn More »

More Opportunity: Paid Internships

There is no better way to prepare for a career as a software developer than having real-world experience. Veterans returning from combat don’t always have the years of job experience their non-veteran counterparts do. As a result, unemployment rates are disproportionately high. Code Platoon creates these opportunities for veterans.

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More Support: Corporate Mentors

Learning the ropes is just as important as learning to code. Professional software developers volunteer a couple hours a week to talk to students about the ins-and-outs of life as a developer, help with coding problems, and provide invaluable motivation and support throughout the program.

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Train to be a Developer

Get the skills for a new career. Code Platoon is an immersive coding boot camp that teaches veterans everything they need to know to become a full-stack developer.