Academic Dean

Code Platoon is a nonprofit coding boot camp that prepares US veterans and military spouses for careers in software development. Classes are taught in-person in an intense, immersive setting. We are looking for a Academic Dean who will help shape many of the educational components of our program.

Why Should You Want This Job?

You will be part of a community catapulting veterans or military spouses into careers in programming. As part of this community, you will help develop curriculum and learning standards, occasionally teach, and identify and implement practices to help our students succeed as junior developers.  Code Platoon’s community includes active board members who will be there to support you, as well as sponsor companies, and many companies and individuals who want to help veterans or military spouses transition to a new career in software development.

What We are Looking for in an Academic Dean:

You believe in the immersive coding bootcamp model, and feel comfortable designing the technical and non-technical aspects of the curriculum. You will have a base curriculum to work from, but have your own ideas about best practices in a ‘flipped-classroom’ setting, about teaching programming to beginners, and about creating an environment where aspiring programmers can succeed.

Background/Experience. None are required, but we expect two or more of:

  • Experience in education and curriculum development
  • Educational background in Computer Science
  • 2 years working in software development
  • Experience with a flipped classroom model
  • Experience with an immersive coding bootcamp environment


  • Build / refine curriculum
  • Identify learning standards
  • Design and implement methods to teach the learning objectives, evaluate student progress
  • Hire, manage and evaluate instructors
  • Fill in for instructors as needed
  • Support students from the admissions stage through the job-placement stage

About Code Platoon

Code Platoon is a nonprofit coding boot camp that prepares veterans and military spouses for careers in software development.  Students spend a couple months on prework before they arrive for the in-person portion of the program.  The in-person portion of the program begins every 3 months and classes are held in downtown Chicago.  Students can expect to work 60 to 80 hours a week during those 14 weeks, and in that time are taught enough to be prepared to work as junior programmers when they finish. After the classroom portion is complete, many of our students will be matched with a sponsor company, and will begin a 3 month paid internship.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this position, please email Rod Levy at  Please include any relevant work experience, links to projects, a LinkedIn profile, or anything you think might help us know more about your background.