Frequently Asked Questions

Are you a veteran or military spouse who is looking for the best way to fund your software development education with Code Platoon? We’re here to help! We’ve included our most frequently asked questions below to equip you with the knowledge you need to succeed.

Our Admissions team is also on hand to walk you through the process once you’re ready to apply.

Who is eligible?

Veterans and military spouses who want a career as a software engineer  (we will ask for your DD-214, or Statement of Service if you don’t have one)

How much does it cost?

Tuition is $13,000.  All veterans and military spouses are eligible to apply for our generous scholarships, which historically have covered up to 80% of tuition, and sometimes more.

We are also approved to receive GI Bill Benefits, so your tuition could be fully covered.

Where is Code Platoon located?

Classes are held at 73 West Monroe, Suite 303, Chicago, IL 60603.

Is there a Remote Option?

Yes! The description is here.

Do I need prior programming experience?


Who gets admitted into Code Platoon?

We are looking for veterans and military spouses who are deeply interested in software, have a high capacity to learn, and are smart and intellectually curious.  Oh, and tenacious.  Learning to program (and working as a programmer) requires constant learning and overcoming roadblocks.

Contrary to popular belief, a high aptitude in math is not required.  It helps, but many great programmers don’t come from a math or science background.

Will housing be provided?

Students are responsible for their own housing arrangements.

Students using their GI Bill will be able to receive their BAH for Chicago, which should cover housing.

A good resource for finding temporary housing can be found here.

Are you accredited?

Code Platoon is approved by the Division of Private Business and Vocational Schools of the Illinois Board of Higher Education. We are not accredited as an educational institution.

Do you accept the GI Bill?

YES! Code Platoon’s In Person program is VA approved for GI Bill.  For more answers on the GI Bill, click here

How much of my GI Bill will get used up?

GI Bill usage depends on the cost of tuition. Code Platoon’s tuition is $13,000, which means 6 months and 25 days of GI Bill get used. The math is described in more detail here.

Is there an Online Option?

We recognize that many veterans and military spouses want to learn about programming, but cannot make it in-person. You can see our first 3 weeks of class, in detail, here. If you want to see all of it, let us know and if you are a veteran or military spouse, we will provide it to you, free of charge.

We record most of the classes, and those videos can be found here.

We will allow a few admitted students, based on special circumstances, to attend the class by video, instead of in-person. We do not encourage this option, as it impedes learning, but we recognize some veterans and military spouses just cannot attend in person.

Can I use the GI Bill on the Remote Program?

Code Platoon (like all other coding bootcamps) is not accredited. It is our understanding that non-accredited programs like ours are not eligible to be approved for GI Bill across state lines, which means that remote / online coding bootcamps are not eligible for GI Bill.

Are spouses/families allowed?

You can live with whoever you want.  Warn them that you will be completely occupied, physically and emotionally, by this intense program for four months.  Think of it as going to basic combat training again (but with friendly instructors).

Do you help with job placement?

Of course!  This will be a key focus of this program. Specifically, we will help with interview preparation, job counseling and employer matching. Many students will be able to participate in our paid internship program that follows the instructional phase.

What are some helpful resources for veterans in the program?

Ride the El Train free or Ride Metra reduced fare if you are a veteran. Get this pass.

Additional scholarships are available for veterans and military spouses attending coding bootcamps. Learn more.

Our students need to use Macs. If you are a veteran, we are told you can get a 15% discount with Apple. Shop here.