Am I Eligible?

If you are a veteran, or currently serving in the National Guard or Reserves, with a burning desire to become a software developer, then you are eligible. We will ask for your DD-214, or Statement of Service if you don’t have one.

Spouses of veterans may also be eligible. Please indicate on your application if you are the spouse of a veteran.

What’s the Tuition?

Tuition for the program is $13,000. However, veterans who are admitted will be eligible to receive scholarships of up to $10,500.

Most veterans can therefore expect their out-of-pocket cost to be $2,500.

Avg. Salary in Dollars ($) for Software Developers (2014 BLS)


Avg. Unemployment Rate: Veterans, 20-35yr (Survey: IVMF Sept. 2015)


Avg. Unemployment Rate: Non-Veterans, 20-35yr (Survey: IVMF Sept. 2015)

Available Software Developer Jobs (, 2015)

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