A career in coding can be extremely rewarding.
We’ll provide the structured support to get you there.

Careers you could be qualified after graduating from Code Platoon



Average Entry Salary

(source: Glassdoor)


Web Developer


App Developer


Front-End Developer

As you gain experience, your opportunities grow


Average Experienced Salary


Senior Developer


Product Manager


Project Manager

Do you have what it takes to be a computer programmer?

What you’ll need at Code Platoon

  • a collaborative spirit
  • a curious and open mind
  • grit and perseverance
  • willingness to fail and try again
  • attention to detail
  • interest in computers and technology

Skills We’ll Teach You

  • how to think like a software developer
  • knowledge of multiple computer languages
  • ability to build a software product from scratch
  • industry norms and best practices
  • management of long term career goals

Hear from some of our graduates who found success with Code Platoon

Loved it. It was a bridge into the software industry. It was a torrent of information and good people to know. Easily the best professional decision I have ever made. Greg Glover

FORMER TITLE: Infantryman, US Army, CURRENT TITLE: Software Engineer, DRW

Ultimately, I think what brought Code Platoon to life was the camaraderie.  For all the happy years all of us have spent as civilians, there is something to be said for being in a group of people who have also served in the military. Javier Revuelta

FORMER TITLE: Korean Cryptologic Linguist, United States Air Force. CURRENT TITLE: Ruby Developer, Power Reviews

Does a career in software development sound like the right fit for you?