Career Prospects

A career in coding can be extremely rewarding.  We’ll provide the structured support to get you there.



In 2016, all 8 of our graduates are now working full time as professional software developers with a median salary of $65,000, which aligns with that of computer science students graduating from four year universities. median salaries (2014) for the following relevant positions are as follows:

Careers you could be qualified after graduating from Code Platoon:

  • App Developer ($70,000)
  • Front-End Developer ($67,000)
  • Web Developer ($59,000)
  • Average of all occupations ($32,000)

As you gain experience, your opportunities grow:

  • Senior Software Developer ($105,000)
  • Product Manager ($96,000)
  • Project Manager ($96,000)
  • Average of all occupations ($32,000)



A prime job market awaits software developers for years to come. Demand is growing faster than for most professions, with over 200,000 open positions.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts job outlook over a ten year period (2016 to 2026) as follows:

Most predicted employment growth


Top 5 out of >1000


1. Personal care aides (Median salary: $21,920)

2. Food preparers and servers (Median salary: $19,440)

3. Registered nurses (Median salary: $68,450)

4. Home health aides (Median salary: $22,600)


5. Software developers, applications

(Median salary: $100,800)


Overall predicted employment growth


All occupations


All software developers



No prior programming experience is necessary. Code Platoon is dedicated to providing you with the tools you need to succeed in the workplace. All you need to start is the right attitude, including:

a collaborative spirit
a curious and open mind
grit and perseverance
willingness to fail and try again
attention to detail
interest in computers and technology


Skills We’ll Teach You:

how to think like a software developer
knowledge of multiple computer languages
ability to build a software product from scratch
industry norms and best practices
management of long term career goals



Loved it. It was a bridge into the software industry. It was a torrent of information and good people to know. Easily the best professional decision I have ever made.

Greg Glover

FORMER TITLE: Infantryman, US Army, CURRENT TITLE: Software Engineer, DRW



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