Beyond Tech Curriculum


In Code Platoon’s Beyond Tech curriculum, students will learn the soft skills necessary to become a world-class junior developer. This curriculum helps bridge the gap between their military experience and civilian technology companies.

Session 1: Teams & Team Building

From asking for help when stuck to pair programming and taking direction, being able to effectively work on a team is vitally important to the life of a junior developer. This session helps our students understand the techniques modern technology teams use to build camaraderie and transfer knowledge between team members.

Session 2: How to deal with being stuck

At one point or another, every developer deals with the feeling of being stuck in a problem. Feelings of “imposter syndrome” are commonplace and students will inevitably question why they are even learning code in the first place. This session will normalize the feelings of “imposter syndrome”, give students a good vocabulary to describe their feelings and move them from a fixed learning mindset to a growth learning mindset.

Session 3: Diversity & Inclusion Part 1: Diversity

Today’s modern-day workplace represents a rich melting pot of people from many different races, religions, sexual orientations, genders, etc. As we enter this workplace, we have to understand what makes us diverse. This session aims to get a better understanding of the lexicon that surrounds diversity. Participants will be guided through a series of exercises and discussions to better know themselves, and define identity. By increasing our students’ diversity lexicon, they will become effective advocates to creating a richly diverse and inclusive work culture.

Session 4: Diversity & Inclusion Part 2: Inclusion

Simply understanding the vocabulary to describe the diversity in the modern workplace is only half of the equation to having a diverse and inclusive workplace. This session aims to equip participants with preventative and reactive measures for practicing inclusivity. Participants will learn various ally skills to use with peers, and methods to combat insensitivity at the office.

Session 5: BOSI Assessment

Understanding one’s value to an organization comes from knowing oneself. This session will guide students through the BOSI personality assessment and give them a better understand of where their natural tendencies lie in an organization.

Session 6: Personal Finance

Many military personnel have little to no personal finance training which leads to a slew of financial issues. Going from a military salary to a technology salary is a significant increase and can either lead to more financial insecurity or put students on a track to financial success. In this session, we will talk through the importance of budgeting, getting out of debt, and how to set up an ecosystem for healthy finances

Session 7: Job & Salary Negotiations

Salary negotiations are a vital part of every job search – too often, thousands of dollars are left on the table just because candidates don’t negotiate. This session will help students find the confidence and verbiage necessary to negotiate at the offer table through a series of role-playing situational exercises.

Session 8: Job Search for people who hate job search

After finishing a coding bootcamp, students are often surprised to find that searching for a full-time position is often more difficult than the coding bootcamp curriculum itself. From endless cold emails to countless networking events, searching for a job is exhausting. This session will help students put job searching in context, help them get on a written plan, and overcome their fears of interviews.