Alumni in Action

Alumni in Action – Justin Savage, Software Developer

JPMorgan Chase is a leader in investment banking and financial services and the workplace of Code Platoon alumni Justin Savage, Kilo Platoon 2020. Justin interned with the company and now works there full-time as a software developer. As a developer, Justin analyzes what JPMorgan Chase’s users are looking for and develops software to meet those needs. Here’s a look at what he does in his own words.

“As a software developer, I collaborate with other engineers to determine and execute a plan to build new software features,” Justin said. “These features meet the overall need of a software service or, in other words, meet requirements for the users of that service.

“Developers design, test, and develop software for their company,” he said. “We also recommend upgrades for existing programs and systems. My team often works in two-week sprints to incrementally build out an entire system.” 

But the process for the teams creating the software doesn’t end once the system is built.

“We’re also part of making sure the software integrates seamlessly with the software of other teams,” Justin said. “Those responsibilities might typically fall to a QA or ‘development operations’ team at another company.

“My day at Chase starts with a daily stand-up, where each member of the team shares their priorities for the day,” he said. “After the stand-up, most of the developers head off to work individually on their tasks. That doesn’t mean we work alone. Throughout the day, we collaborate with other team members to address common issues or test out code.”

And Chase prioritizes culture in the workplace. “They provide a lot of opportunities to socialize with coworkers both on our team and throughout the department.”

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Brynne Ramella is a full-time writer with a focus on technology and entertainment. She’s thrilled to use her talents to work with a great organization like Code Platoon. She spends most of her free time with her cat Marley.


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