About Code Platoon

There are job opportunities for veterans who have programming skills. Code Platoon teaches those skills to veterans, preparing them for a new career in software development.

Code Platoon is a 501(c)3 non-profit that helps veterans transition into the civilian workforce by providing technical training and career placement. For 14 weeks the students are immersed in learning the full Ruby on Rails stack. After completing the program veterans will be eligible for an internship.

Turning Veterans into Developers

Students will learn everything they need to know to be hireable as a junior full-stack web developer including Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. No previous programming skills are required.

Led by an Experienced Team

A team of dedicated individuals with a combination of business acumen and tech savvy guide Code Platoon’s efforts. Our Leadership »

Teaming up With Corporate Sponsors

We’ve got a great line-up including Enova, Underwriters Laboratories, Power Reviews and DRW Trading. Our Sponsors »

Developing Job-Ready Skills

Unlike other code boot camps, Code Platoon is for veterans only. Veterans face many challenges translating their military skills into civilian job experience. Code Platoon is designed to address these challenges by teaching veterans a marketable skill that leverages their their core competencies: problem-solving, team-work, and discipline.

Creating a Hands-On Experience

A new model in workforce development — immersive coding boot camps give students opportunity to learn by doing in a collaborative environment. Many hours are spent coding, applying the principles taught in the lectures. Working together on teams to solve complex code challenges simulates the real-world job experience.

Paving a New Career Path

While unemployment rates among veterans remains high, the demand for software developers continues to grow. Jobs are available—traditional coding boot camps have shown placement rates upwards of 90%. Using a similar model, Code Platoon is opening the door to tech jobs for veterans by providing career training and internship opportunities.

Train to be a Developer

Get the skills for a new career. Code Platoon is an immersive coding boot camp that teaches veterans everything they need to know to become a full-stack developer.