Career Services Roadmap

A Roadmap for Career Success

Code Platoon doesn’t just teach Veterans and military spouses how to become full-stack software engineers. We also help prepare them for a career in software development. We call it our Career Services Roadmap.

The Career Services Roadmap is an individualized plan for Code Platoon students that takes them from the classroom to their new careers. The Roadmap is a commitment between the student and Code Platoon to work together as they successfully transition from the military community into the tech world. 

The Roadmap Starts During Bootcamp

Code Platoon’s Career Services Roadmap begins while students are still in Bootcamp. Our Beyond Tech curriculum is an informative and engaging eight-part lecture series where students learn unspoken rules and expectations for their new career paths.

Beyond Tech topics include overcoming “imposter syndrome,” the importance and advantages of diversity in the workplace, financial literacy, and how to best navigate the job hunt.

In addition to Beyond Tech, Code Platoon works with students to draft and edit their resumes and create brand statements and LinkedIn profiles. Students are provided with resume coaches and mentors to help them tell their stories to prospective employers.

The Roadmap Continues After Graduation

Once the student graduates, the Career Services Roadmap leverages their newly acquired skills to secure career opportunities. Graduates must commit to continuing to participate in the Career Services Roadmap. That commitment includes weekly check-ins with our career services team throughout the job search. Graduates also participate in ongoing homework and interview prep sessions.

In return, graduates partner with dedicated career services team members throughout their job searches.  Career services team members help students navigate their job searches to become competitive by developing individualized plans based on their career goals and background. The plan includes personalized job target lists and application trackers.

Participants also have access to career services classes on networking, salary negotiation, interview follow-up, and other topics. This access continues even after the graduate secures their first job.

Graduates also have access to exclusive employer “intro” sessions. These sessions with our employment partners highlight available career opportunities and introduce the hiring team filling those roles. These sessions are exclusively for Code Platoon graduates.

The Roadmap Works

How do you know that our Career Services Roadmap and contract work? Look at our outcomes.

Eighty percent of our graduates found jobs in software development within six months of graduating. The median starting salary of those graduates was $72,000 and, after 24 months, the median salary grew to $96,000.

Rich Luby has more than fourteen years of experience in disability and inclusion training, initiative development, and workforce development for healthcare organizations, educational institutions, and Fortune 500 companies. Rich recently leveraged these experiences to build out career development programming for national startups in tech education. He leads with an empathetic nature and attains results through collaborative approaches.

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