If you are a software developer, or a project manager, we could use your help! We have 3 types of roles for you: Teaching Assistant, Mentor, and Capstone Project Lead. Our upcoming sessions are Charlie (May 30 – September 1) and Delta (September 11 – December 22nd).

Teaching Assistant

Teaching Assistants typically come on site (although we do have a couple that are remote) and help any student who is there with their assignments.

Time Commitment:

  • Evening: 2 hour time slot, same day, every week, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm, for the 14 week session
  • Weekend: 2 – 3 hour time slot, Saturday, middle of the day (you pick exact hours), for 14 week session
  • Daytime: morning, 8am to noon, or afternoon, 1pm to 5pm. You pick the day(s). Minimum 4 week commitment.

Location: 444 N. Wabash, Chicago, IL


Time Requirement: 2 – 4 hours Month

Location: 444 N. Wabash St., Chicago, IL

Mentors at Code Platoon play a very important and specific role for our Veteran students. The goal of the mentor is to become a trusted advisor to the Veteran as he or she discovers the profession of software development. Our students typically have no background whatsoever in programming, and need someone to help them figure it out!

If I am a Mentor, what do I need to do?
First month of Code Platoon:

After you are paired with your mentee, you will meet 3 to 4 times, over the first month. Ideally, you meet in person, for an hour or so, and preferably at Code Platoon. You and your mentee will pick the time and location, but generally it will be after 5pm, and usually on a day that works for the Mentor.

Next 10 weeks:

Meet 2 – 4 times a month, in person, video chat, Slack, or whatever works for both of you.

Ok, but what do we “do” as Mentors?
  • Help them with their project work (you will get a link to the class repo)
  • Answer their questions about life as a dev, career planning, how teams work, anything at all
  • Show them your work, your projects, your office, your story
  • Play coding games. Ruby Warrior?
Capstone Project Tech Lead

Capstone Project Tech Leads get to act as either a PM or Tech lead (we need both!!!). Code Platoon students spend the last two weeks of their 14 week sessions on their Capstone Project (Bravo = April 24th – May 5th, Charlie = August 21st – September 1st, Delta = December 11th – December 22nd). Students work in teams of 3 to 5 building a new app.

Time commitment: 1 hour or so a day, to lead standups, keep project on pace, and provide technical assistance

**Bonus** — If you and your company want to host a team for part or all of the 2 weeks, we are happy to work with you!