Code Platoon is an immersive full-time developer boot camp for veterans. The curriculum teaches Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Classes are every weekday, with a mix of lectures and hands-on coding time. All classes are in-person and students are expected to be on-site for the duration of the program. Students will collaborate with their cohort throughout the program on projects and coding challenges.

The Immersion Experience

The program runs 20 weeks. The first 6 weeks are done remotely, and the final 14 weeks are on-site. If you participate in the internship program, the program extends to roughly 32 weeks total.

Pre-Requisite Homework

Roughly six weeks prior to the start of the program, students will receive a package of pre-work that they will need to complete prior to arriving on site. That pre-work should take between 60 and 100 hours to complete, and will cover computing basics and learning some tools of the trade. Here is the pre-work for 2016.

Daily Class Schedule

Once in-person classes begin, most days will follow a similar pattern. From 8am to 5pm, there will be an instructor on site. In the mornings they will lead a class for 45 minutes to an hour and half. You will spend the rest of the morning working on code challenges, often in pairs. After lunch, there will usually be another lecture, followed by more coding challenges that will keep you working well into the evening. As the weeks progress, you will find that more time is spent in team project work, and less in lectures and individual/pairing work. The intensity remains the same, but the flow of the days changes.

Training Hours

Most weeks, you will be working 12 to 14 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week. We feel this intensity is necessary so that we can cover enough ground to prepare you for a career in software development. It is hard to become barely professionally competent in a field that is new to you. It is even harder if you try to do it with fewer than 1,000 hours of instruction and practice. Everywhere you read, you will this in common about people who train to become software developers — there is no substitute for practice.

Accepting Applications

We will have 3 cohorts in 2017. Tentative dates are as follows:

Winter: January 30 – May 5 (Bravo Platoon)

Spring/Summer: May 30 – September 1 (Charlie Platoon)

Fall:  September 11 – December 22nd (Delta Platoon), Thanksgiving week is off.



Start Pre-Work Now

The pre-work helps students ramp up on computing basic and introduces some of the tools we will use throughout the program. The pre-work is required. Begin The Application Process