November Final Presentations

November Platoon Final Projects

We’re showcasing the final group projects from the recently graduated November Platoon. During each Code Platoon Full-stack Software Engineering Bootcamp, our students form teams to create a capstone project that showcases the coding, development, and teamwork skills learned in the program.

First up is HedgeFun – a competitive, fantasy sports-style introduction to cryptocurrency.

Check out HedgeFun, presented by our November Platoon graduates.

The next project is for users that want to find the best location for their new home using a value-based approach. Four Veterans from November Platoon developed Livable. 

D8Nite is for couples who are tired of the same old date activities. The app allows couples to explore new and exciting date ideas based on their mutual likes and interests.

Check out six November Platoon graduates showcasing their coding, engineering, and teamwork skills in their capstone project, D8Nite.

The next team project from November Platoon is Baby Swiper. The app was created by a team of six Veterans and military spouses.

Baby Swiper is an app that lets you easily compare your favorite baby names with your partner’s. Finding baby names has never been more fun.

Trippy is for the unhurried roadtripper.  The app aggregates destinations and eliminates the guesswork to make planning your next road trip more fun.

The final project in our showcase – Code Room – was developed by four Veterans and Skillbridge students and highlighted their coding, development, and teamwork skills. 

Code Room is a web app for coding students. It allows coding students to collaborate on coding projects in real-time, compile their code, and receive instant feedback.

Check out Code Room presented by our November Platoon graduates.


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