Web Development Instructor

Code Platoon is a non-profit coding bootcamp that prepares US military veterans for careers in software development. We’ve had 4 cohorts graduate since 2016 with a strong 80%+ placement rate due to our small class sizes, industry volunteers, and excellent instruction. We are looking for someone to continue this history of excellence.

Our 14 week-long sessions are taught in Chicago, although this role could be potentially performed remotely for some of the time. We are looking for an instructor for 20-40 hours/week to help teach Ruby on Rails and full-stack Javascript alongside our Lead Instructor. Classes will be held Monday – Friday, with a few hours of instruction, and many hours of project work for the students. Pending the right candidate’s availability, there is also an opportunity to teach for a subset of the 14 weeks.

Why Should You Want This Job?

You will be part of a community catapulting 6 to 12 veterans into careers in programming. As part of this community, you will help develop curriculum, lead lectures, and provide students input and feedback on their progress. Code Platoon’s community includes active board members who will be there to support you.

What We are Looking for in an Instructor:

You love teaching. You inspire students with your passion and knowledge. You are comfortable leading a class, and working one-on-one. We hope you have taught before, and can show us positive reviews of the classes you have taught.

You know Ruby and Ruby-on-Rails and/or are deeply knowledgeable in React/Redux and modern ES6, as well as related technologies. You don’t just know them, but you know them deeply. You know the ins and outs of TDD, Agile methods, and pair-programming. You know design patterns well.  OO comes naturally to you, but also see beauty in functional programming. You can evaluate code and refactor with ease. Most importantly, you can teach this skill to others.

You know the full stack: HTML, CSS, Ajax, jQuery, etc, Javascript, PostgreSQL, CLI, Git. And more.

Lastly, you understand that good software developers don’t just know how to code; they have emotional intelligence that allows them to give and receive feedback, and they understand that often the way forward is through pure grit and determination. You will help model and advance these meta-skills.


As an instructor, you are responsible for leading a classroom of 6-12 students through that day’s topics, helping students get unstuck, and ensuring their growth through code reviews and frequent check-ins. We are flexible about how much time you spend lecturing, how much time you spend leading a joint class exercise, and how much time you spend in a flipped classroom setting, where the students are working on projects and you are supervising and helping them get ‘unstuck’. But in general, of your workday, you can expect to spend some time teaching, some time overseeing student’s work (lots of debugging), and some time preparing curriculum for the next day.

About Code Platoon

Code Platoon is a nonprofit coding boot camp that prepares veterans for careers in software development.  Students spend a couple months on pre-work before they arrive for the in-person portion of the program.  The in-person portion of the program begins in January of 2018, and classes are held in downtown Chicago. Students can expect to work 60 to 80 hours a week during those 14 weeks, and in that time are taught enough to be prepared to work as junior programmers when they finish. After the classroom portion is complete, many of our students will be matched with a sponsor company, and will begin a 3 to 6 month paid internship.

Next Steps

If you are interested in this position, please email Jonathan Young at jon@codeplatoon.org.  Please include any relevant work experience, links to projects, a LinkedIn profile, or anything you think might help us know more about your background.