Code Platoon Week Thirteen and Fourteen - Capstone Projects

Code Platoon Week Thirteen and Fourteen – Capstone Projects

This is what we’ve been building toward the last twelve weeks. Using Flask, React, and various third party libraries, students team up to create a capstone project that they will use to show off to employers during interviews.

Working in the Real World

Perhaps the most talked about part of Code Platoon is the final group capstone project. This project occurs over 2 weeks at a technology company’s office. The company provides students with work stations, project management support, and mentorship from senior developers. Students participate in the company’s stand up cadence and have access to the office’s amenities. Because they’re building their project alongside seasoned professionals, they’re also creating long-lasting connections within the tech ecosystem of Chicago.


Graduation day is also presentation day. After two weeks of intense work, groups present their projects to friends, family and members of the tech community. We work with students to practice their presentations and help them hone their pitch for their new app. After the presentations, students take time to network and answer questions.

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