Code Platoon Career Prep Curriculum


In order to best prepare Code Platoon’s students for the extremely competitive software market, we have created a rich career prep curriculum. Where most coding bootcamps truncate their web development curriculum and tack on an extra week to very basically cover the large topic of career prep, we have added 50% more instructional time and woven the career prep curriculum into that time. Our students come out of Code Platoon with an industry-ready resume, a professional LinkedIn profile, and 100+ hours of behavioral/technical interview practice.


Students are given time / instruction during the first hour of class each day to work on their LinkedIn profiles, prepare answers for behavioral interviews, and work through technical whiteboarding interview questions. In addition, students are taught 1-2 technical interview questions each week by senior developers in the industry.

Formal Sessions

Code Platoon is fortunate enough to have a number of volunteers from the recruiting and technology industry come in and teach our students. Through our Director of Career Development, we’ve come up with a number of sessions to best prepare students below:

Session 1: Building an online presence

This session reinforces the building of a strong online presence via Github, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Students are taught how to fully utilize Github by finding interesting projects, following active contributors, and giving “stars” to reputable code bases. During the session, students will be taught where to look for beginner-friendly open source software and build their online presence.

Session 2: Resume Writing Workshop

This workshop teaches students to carefully document the work they are doing, write notes on their specific contributions, and record what challenges they are facing with their learning new material. They are then tasked with starting to think through / document their own narrative – how they got to Code Platoon, their experience in the military, etc.

Sessions 3-5: Individual Resume Writing Coaching

During weeks 8 – 11, students will be meeting with volunteer recruiters vetted by the Director of Career Development up to 3 times to review and work on their resume.

Session 6: Final Interviews (Behavioral)

During this session, professional recruiters will talk to students on how to best present themselves in an interview and how to break down behavioral questions.

Session 7: Final Interviews (Technical)

During this session, a senior developer from the community will come into teach students how to approach and break down technical questions. This session will cover both answering whiteboarding questions and how to speak to their general technical knowledge.

Session 8: Mock Interview Day

The summation of the career curriculum is a mock interview day given by industry professionals. Technical and non-technical interviewers will come in and interview up to 5 students each and give feedback to students. Each student will have five 45-minute interviews with a mix of technical and behavioral questions.